Thursday, April 18, 2013

Define @ Zebra Square, KL

I was still sick last weekend but I guess kuai lou leong cha pretty much cure me LOL. So I was invited to Define event last weekend at Zebra Square, KL with theme code has to be white and blue. Being guy itself we all know if we wear white shirt how it gonna be. What? mai look like just came back from work lor.

* I guess i call this #asiansatwork *

Once arrived and enter the place, blue light was my first impression. The moment I see it I know I am fucked. Yea I dislike strong hue lighting. It wasn't friendly to my camera :( oh well blame myself for lazy set up the camera also. So just screw it and enjoy the event.

* wee with Adrie again *
* Those guy playing with my camera LOL *
* There again, wide angle FTW *

We have DJ Nasty & GuruGuru spinning for us on that night. Forgot who are the next DJ since I am ready to go home after she came out :(

Tried Mojito for the first time. Oh well, pretty sickening but it cure my cough. Hooray!

Wish more friend could join us but unfortunately the invites are too exclusive ;/ Oh well.. Here last photo of so por for u

Alot things happen to her that night, hahahahaa!


Jennifer FurFer said...

T_______T LOL y u remind me about that wtf

Jackie Loi said...

*pat head*

HenRy LeE said...

oh i looked so sleepy... lol

Yuh Jiun said...

Woots so happening!

j_fish said...

A lot of things happened? How come never hear ya'll talk about it? *squint*