Thursday, May 02, 2013


Oh look is May. Still can't believe and keep blinking my eye that yesterday is Labour Day and it finish used up in a speed of light. So, May, what's up? Still back to normal life. Need to work.

It seem my blog grow alot spiderweb recently. Yea, waiting The Amazing Spider Man 2! ;) Nah just kidding. Felt myself nothing much material to blog recently. I don't attend event as often as I do anymore. Is either I don't care it anymore or I just not exclusive enough to be invited. I guess it is both. Perhaps I should spend my free time to do some photography. Seriously, I still waiting for my HK trip. Been waiting for like forever :( Gonna have some changes in my life after the trip for sure.

This weeked gonna be critical day for all Malaysia Citizen. It is a day to determine our country future fate. I am pretty sure you guys seen this alot in youtube, facebook and also other main stream media. Which is the truth, which is the fake, I know you guys able to judge yourself. Don't just follow the wave, go and look yourself and judge it. Vote wisely. Remember, this is not for you yourself, but also for everyone in Malaysia including your future children, grandchildren, your wife, your ah gong ah ma ah yeh ah por and whoever dearest to you. So, as everyone said. Ini Kalilah! It not gonna be Lain Kalilah. Yes I am first time voter!

On positive note, can't wait next week too to get my new toy ;) Teehee

Feel free to follow me in Twitter if wanna get close to me personally and know what the shit am I doing daily since I don't seem to update here often. Oh yea, this is a post without picture but if you insist, here a photo to you to avoid this post look empty.

Mother of Sexy Olympus E-P5 and all the black version lens of 17mm, 45mm and 75mm.