Monday, May 06, 2013

My first experience as voter and PACA at Malaysia 13th General Election (GE)

Yesterday is the important day to all Malaysian. It is our 13th General Election (GE) after Malaysia been independent country for 56 years. Whoever eligible to vote have to appear to cast their vote. As for myself, I miss out the 12th GE coz I havent 21 year old and this year, my first time. Thanks to deary, she drag me along to become PACA (Polling Agent, Counting Agent)as well for this election. I was reluctant at first but after some consideration I agreed because I wanna be there by myself to take care the election channel (which we call it saluran) to make sure it is fair and square.

Please note that all this experience are based on my personal view. You may agree or disagree and feel free to share your experience with me too :)

I have to woke up early on the GE day because I have to be there to check all the document, the voting ballots and also the name list to avoid any shit happen. Yea I instagram a photo of myself wear like this and everyone though I am being overdress to go to vote. Sorry folk, I got extra duty :) Though I was voting in Wangsa Maju, I actually applied to be Paca for Setiawangsa. It makes me even more happy when I am sent to duty at my ex high school. It just feel nostalgic to step back my high school. Memory keep coming in.

To my even surprise I saw Cikgu Halim (my high school discipline teacher) at other channel when I am heading my channel to duty. He still remember both me and my gf. He was assigned to duty as KTM (Ketua Tempat Mengundi aka leader for the polling channel). On my way to my channel I saw alot my high school teachers. All of them are on duty under SPR! Reached my channel, take a quick look in the room tadaa! It is Cikgu Rahim, my form 6 biology teacher who as KTM.

I let go my breath after knowing who is my KTM and it makes our duty easier since we know each other. At least, we don't feel awkward and tension. When BN side Paca arrived too, I manage to speak up with him a bit and he also ex student from this school. It is really great to hear that. I feel like some high school reunion.

Before start my duty as PA (Polling Agent), let's describe abit my job scoop. As a PA I am required to be in the channel early to check every document, name list, ballots paper and also sign at the voting box seal to avoid someone open the box to do something in it. Confirmed everything is par with the info given, I can ensure things will go well. My next duty are to monitor every single of the clerks that check voter list, name, IC num, paint the blue ink and also the 1 who tearing voter paper. I have to make sure the first clerk read the voter IC number and name properly and in the same time I have to pay attention on voter itself whether s/he is legit or not. You know, who know they are ahem you know what I mean. Phantom voter.

Next is second clerk who apply the blue ink to left finger and finally the third clerk who tearing the voting paper to voter. I just have to make sure she do not have any stationary to use it on the voting paper so that the vote become void. Nevertheless, good job for them. I am very sure they are doing their job professionally without any cheat. My heart started to feel there are still hope in this GE as everyone demand for clean and fair election. Cikgu Rahim as KTM also doing his good job by just came to himself and show me the Undi Rosak (got teared, dirty by mark and etc) before it was handed up to the voters.

As I in the room, I monitors all the voters too, be it in my channel or others. It really make me feel warm where alot people turns out to vote. They are doing their responsibility. It is better than some of my friends who refuse to register themself as voter with alot excuses and migrate mentality. Don't ask me don't judge you because it is really hard not to judge you. You know who you are. During my duty for almost entire day as PA, I saw alot types of voters. Be it Malay, Chinese and Indian. Some even brought their children. Some even came as couple (I saw them hold hand after done voting).

I even saw alot Warga Mas and handicap people came to vote. I am very sure all of them came full with hopes regardless which party they choose. I started imagine alot during they put the voting paper in the box. I imagine in their mind was saying "This is for my future children" when they putting in the voting paper into the box. Pardon me but I tend to imagine alot due to my job scoop. But I feel it is really beautiful to think that way. Every votes are for the future to everyone in Malaysia regardless who they choose to believe and support. Everyone had and given a choice. I also nervous to know who they vote but too bad I can't yet.

I changed my duty shift with my another partner at noon. I only given 3 hours break before I have to return there to continue my duty as PA and later as CA (Counting Agent) after 5pm sharp. I rush to have lunch with deary at nearby shop. I felt myself almost faint anytime during my duty earlier because I forgot bring my own water and I was so thirsty and dry..ya dry. Done our lunch, I send her back to her house so that she can go her voting location and I quickly rush to my location to vote since I afraid of long queue. It was rain that time and I quickly grab an umbrella in my car. In my mind already have wild imagination. I am ready to hold my umbrella and slash any phantom voters like a samurai when on my way there. Ok too wild. Back to reality.

Reach my voting area, I rush into 1 of the building that seem like most channel there and I have to climb 2 floors of stair. Then it came to my realization that building only up to channel 6. I asked the policeman in duty where is channel 7 and he pointed me to the next building. FML I run back down there, approach 1 of the PKR member and he also pointed me another building which I have to climb another 2 floor of stair. Yes channel 7! No people! I rush to the first clerk and the moment he check my IC "Oh Tahun 88 bukan kat sini la. Kat sekolah rendah" while pointing me the primary school at next door. THERE IS A FUCKING PRIMARY SCHOOL!? D:

I thought all this while they are under same school and is high school! Run down the hill, entered the primary school and another 2 floors stair for me to climb. Deep in my heart "FML! If pakatan win I gonna demand them have a lift or escalator to all school". Finally, I at the correct place. The policewoman in duty ask me bawa bertenang and breath in breath out coz I seem nervous. Dey actually I am tired running here and there and short of breath -_- Well, enter, confirm my IC, paint my finger and cast my vote. I speak to myself, "Dr Tan Kee Kwong! This is for you. Please serve us, Wangsa Maju well!". Now you know who I vote for right?

Finished vote, back to my duty place and change shift. People are getting lesser. I wish there are 100% attendance in my channel but unfortunately, almost 15% people din turn out to vote. Sharp 5pm, door was close and all the clerks ready to arrange the table to do the next job, couting the votes. I quickly switch my tag to counting agent tag. I know, this is the most important process. It will determine the early result for both party. I can't let my eye closed even a second when they are doing the counting.

Total 503 votes in the voting box for my channel and guess what? 395 voted for PKR and 107 is for BN. 1 rejected vote. I cheers a little for myself. Done my job as CA, make sure the KTM sealed everything and I sign on it, then KTM will bring the stuff into his car with a Police and drive to the center which I dunno where. Of course, I escort him and the Police till car and the moment the car depart, there will be someone else take over my job and escort them. I went back to my Ketua Paca and others Paca are there already. He was jotting down the result and seem every channel in my ex high school PKR won BN with a huge margin! It is almost 4:1 in ratio.

All of us are happy and we really feel ini kalilah! I really can tell how happy are them from their eye and smile. We are all one step close winning. Back to last GE, Setiawangsa actually won too in all votes but in the end lost to BN because of the postage vote (Undi post). You all know how unfair postage vote gonna be. Among all the Paca that duty with me on that day, there is only a malay lady and majority are indian. The malay lady told me she really wish they will have better life after this GE. She wish for a changes too for her future and her children. I almost shed my tear listening to her story and her hopes. Everyone do wanna change and especially chase away the corruption in Malaysia.

Done all my duty, I went to grab dinner with le gf and send her home after that. Like everyone last night, we all glue into TV and also internet to catch up with the GE result. We all know, magic does happen but not to us, but to BN. All dirty tactic and unfairness in SPR happened. It shattered my heart deeply. I almost cry when I think back all hopes and smile from the voters and my other Paca colleague. All their hope get shattered because of the cheats.

In the meantime, I am glad Dr Tan won Wangsa Maju. I knew he could do it. He is a great man and alot people respect him. Sadly, we couldn't defend Setiawangsa. It really broke my heart when I know the result. BN has 12k+ postage vote in Setiawangsa and in total up, BN only won PKR by 1k+ votes! Isn't it proven we could easily win Setiawangsa if not because of the postage vote? We are so close. Very close. Our efforts as Paca, pemantau and even voter gone waste because no matter how well we perform our duty during the election on going, there is nothing we can do during the final counting. Our power are limited..

Democracy country? You sure it is not democrazy? Clean, fair and transparent as Bijan said? You sure? BULLSHIT.

This 13th GE could be the darkest GE in Malaysia history. But I am sure, younger generation who couldn't vote this year witnessed this with us will rise coming 5 years and our force will grow stronger! We won't give up our hope. We will still clean our country before they had become..

You know what I mean.

This first time experience as voter and Paca is very valuabled to me. At least, now I got story to tell to my children.

Good job to all Malaysian who came out to votes. Good job for all volunteer who willing to take out the free job to make sure our election goes well without any interruption. Good job everyone. We shall work harder for the coming 5 years!

I will consider to start joining Bersih rally.


Jennifer FurFer said...

I'm ready for Bersih 4.0. Couldn't attend for the last one, so this time I don not want to regret myself for not attending it.

Jackie Loi said...

yay! I was sick on the last bersih that's why couldn't attend :(

Merryn said...

Great job for signing up to be PACA. Not everyone have that part of story to tell. We've done our best and it will be a waste to just give up now. Keep on living and watching and maybe, we'll get to see some changes.

HenRy LeE said...

so bangga la for u bro :P