Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sunday lunch at Antipodean Cafe @ Jalan Telawi

Happy Father Day! Unfortunately this post is nothing regarding father day. Just a casual Sunday lunch with deary at Bangsar. Y ou know I don;t really like to go Bangsar on weekend. I had bad experience and impression at that place especially the parking. So damn hard to find. Nevertheless, I got the urge to eat burger today. The addiction is kicking in today and I decided to get myself a Killer Gourmet Burger (KGB) but a huge face palm for myself. The moment I almost reach Bangsar I only realize it open on 5pm. Well, being flexible, we decided to eat at Antipodean Cafe.. for the first time :P

Well I am quite surprise the place very packed with people. People actually queueing up for seats. We are quite lucky since only 2 of us and we are seated immediately. I asked for menu and the waiter said their one and only menu is inside the shop. Being no choice, I went in and took a pic of their menu and back to my seat to slowly see. Heard alot about their legendary Big Breakfast from my friends via instagram. Without any hesitation I ordered that for myself and deary decided to had Scrambled Egg Salmon on Toast. I ordered Apple Pie to as extras since I long time never had one.

* Banana Milk Shake RM9 *
* Iced Chocolate RM8 *

Thumb up for their speedy service. Within 10 minutes everything are served on our table despite alot customers. Now, this is really a service charge I wouldn't mind paying. Efficiency is the key.

* Apple Pie RM8 *

Nothing to shout on the apple pie. It is sweet enough for my liking :D

* Scrambled Eggs Salmon on Toast RM20 *

According to deary, the ingredient in her Scrambled Egg Salmon on Toast is fresh enough. I take a bite from her salmon scramble egg and the salmon taste stronger. The egg actually doesn't have much taste since they didn't put as seasonal.

* Bacon Big Breakfast RM20 *

The Big Breakfast was indeed big. I choose bacon. Inside there are toast, mushroom, scrambled egg and hash brown. Not the usual hash brown I ate and I don't really like it because of the strong veggie inside (dont know what's the veggie name). Bacon, mushroom and scrambled egg taste real good when this 3 ate together since the bacon tend to be more salty.

Oh crap I am getting fatter! piff

I am pretty satisfied with my lunch. Pretty much random and impromptu Sunday lunch :)


Merryn said...

I've heard so much about Antipodean Cafe but I've never been there. Maybe becoz we dont frequent that part of town :(

Jackie Loi said...

@merryn haha same. I don't like to go KL if nth to do. Always jam here and there :/

Ivan Chan said...

Just had the big breakfast not too long ago, I think they eggs are quite bland for my liking (despite the pepper and salt available for add-on, I prefer them perfectly seasoned, lol) but then the bacon saltiness complemented the dish. Overall, just OK for me :)

CWKen said...

y u nooooo order coffee there? Their coffee is sedap. Next time must try their breakfast. The only thing stopping me is the price though :/