Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Journey to Hong Kong Day 1 : Sun Kee Restaurant (新記餐廳) @ Champagne Court, Kimberly Road

Click in if you havent read my Journey to Hong Kong Day 1 Part 1

I am very excited to begin walk at Hong Kong street right after checked in at Hello Inn. The first thing we did is look for food for our lunch! I did quite number of researched what to eat at Hong Kong earlier. Whether it is nice, famous or expensive, I wouldn't know until I try it right? Hence, we going to try Sun Kee Restaurant that located at Kimberly Road, inside Champagne Court for their famous Pork Neck Noodle with Cheese sauce. It is near to our guest house anyway, just few minute walking.

Walking on the Hong Kong street for the first time give me a goosebump. All the tall building, all the human that flooded the street and all the advertisement signboard pointed out is exactly like what I seen in TVB drama. I really wouldn't mind stay longer at the street for some street and landscape photography. Unfortunately I know I couldn't.

So yea we reach Champagne Court with Google Map assist. A really handy map you should have in all your electronic devices. The moment I step into the Champagne Court, I straight away jizz in my pant and get turn on. Nah not because I saw any pornography material, but because the building is full with camera shops. Camera shops that sell all retro film camera!! Any brand, any model! Leica, Hassablad, Mamiya, you name it! Drooollll I wish I have enough cash to bring any one of the baby home. I wanna buy Olympus OM-1D :(

Ok back to food. Here we are, Sun Kee Restaurant. It is pretty easy to spot. The shop is pack with people despite it is almost 3pm. I gotta agree everything involve with space in Hong Kong is small. The shop is small, compact and pack LOL Of course, don't be surprise with "Tap Toi" (other people come sit and share same table with you) culture in Hong Kong.

Anyway we ordered the famous Pork Neck Noodle with Cheese Sauce and also Roasted Pork with Prawn Noodle.

* Pork Neck Noodle with Cheese Sauce $41 *

The pork neck is the bomb! The taste is definitely outclass most pork that sell in Malaysia especially at the fat part. The cheese in the sauce not salty and it blend well with the noodle and pork. The noodle itself look like maggic mee. It is flexible and definitely nice to chew.

* Roasted Pork with Prawn Noodle $41 *

I guess it is call prawn noodle because in chinese it is call Ha Chi Min. It look like mee raja for me. Anyway it is a herbal soup in it. Don't get fool by the soup. It taste good but also has spicy after taste! The pork is slight difference from the cheese sauce but deary said it is the same. Personally, I felt the meat is not tender but chewy enough.

We ordered a drink too, yin yong tea and it cost $16. Ouch! There goes my $98 lunch at Hong Kong.

Done with lunch, we went back guest house to take a rest before begin our real journey on night time. Stay tune for my next post!

Sun Kee Restaurant (新記餐廳)
Website : N/A
Address : G/F, Shop 13 -14, Champagne Court, 16 - 20 Kimberley Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

More photo in my Jackie A Journey Called Jloi Facebook Page :)

p/s I heard their beef noodle with cheese sauce is nice too.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Current Me

I dunno will you guys tired reading my blog that full with events, foods or maybe gadgets only. To be honest I am abit tired with this.. I started to miss writing my own personal life in my blog. You know, people from my time wrote blog as a diary :P Anyway, here's my current life. I quit my job a day before I left to Hong Kong for vacation. Don't ask why. I took a big risk to quit it, hoping to get a better job and something I really wanna do. But in the same time I am afraid of rejection. I dunno is my portfolio good enough? I am willing to learn and I dare to admit I am a fast learner. I am the type easily to adapt as well. Since the day I quite my job, I havent actually tried to submit any of my resume to others. There are too many things in my heart.

I have too many dream, too many things I wanna achieve in life. Yea, you guys gonna tell me "Do it one by 1! Achieve the small dream first!" Well, I don't have small dream unfortunately.. Ok maybe be fulltime blogger consider small dream? Nah I gonna die without any income. Started to struggle abit now and I am watching my spending now time to time. I am not really a big spender but sometime I just wouldn't mind spend most of my money on foods. Well gadget as well if I think it is a need. Cough. Want.

Yea just bought myself a Rode mic. Been needing. cough. Wanting to have it since last year but I just keep hesitate. What driven me got it suddenly? Well because of this.

Begin to shoot a short film again after a year for a competition. I joined last year. Kinda forcefully. And of course I didn't manage to win anything. I am trying my luck again this year, hoping I can see some improvement on myself. Plus, it is my last year joining this competition since it got age limit. It just shown that how old I am now :( Nevertheless, maybe I should start cheat small kid to join the competition under their name LOL

I had fun shooting this few days. Tiring but I do realize something. I can't multitask a shit on something I am not experience of. I felt helpless too sometimes. Anyway, I am willing to give out everything I know on this time to submit for the competition since I am still jobless now. I guess I am more than happy if I manage to get into top 10. Well, dream on.

I wanna take a break in this whole August, concentrating on editing this video, designing my new room (yea I am shifting house), and perhaps attend more events especially gadget event? Well, best of luck for me. By September if nothing much change, I should start looking for new job desperately.

Oh should I start doing video regularly? Since I invested on it adi..LOL

Anyway don't worry, I still had more to share in my blog especially my awesome Hong Kong trip! :D

Friday, July 26, 2013

A Journey to Hong Kong Day 1 : LCCT & Hello Inn @ Mirador Mansion (美麗都大廈)

Finally! Done editing all my Hong Kong trip photos. But I still had 300+ horrible terrible vegetable potatoes videos to edit. Oh well Ganbateh Jackie! Not that I am very busy with my life now.. If you know what I mean :P Nevertheless, I went Hong Kong on 13th July and my plane departed on 7.15 am. Unfortunately nobody could drive me on that time and being broke like shit, I refuse to asked for cab. Being no choice, me & deary went to LCCT on 11pm on 12th July. Yay that's mean we are spending out night at LCCT until our flight time.

Oh well nothing fun to stay at LCCT for so many hours. Can't sleep at all. No Wi-Fi at all. No power plug at all eventhough in Mc Donald, it is very limited. We can't stay at Starbuck as well since they close for 4 hours for staff meeting! Gosh why pick meeting on this time! Being no choice, we back to Mc Donald, steal LCCT wifi that only free for 3 hours and deary do her work while I stunning looking at my phone...

* Ignore the date, I lazy correct it back *

Oh well happinesssuffering period passed very fast and ta daaa! Time to check in our luggage, wait 2 more hour then we are going to boarding section! Guess you won't believe this but it was my actually 2nd time taking plane in my whole life! wee Jakun!

* Our plane to HK! *

More pictures in the plane and our breakfast as well.

* weeeeee *
* Trying to capture the outside cloud but exposure suck *

We ordered breakfast in the plane as well when we booked our tickets last year. But once I got my breakfast, I asked myself "Oh god why, what had my past done to me today....?"

* Deary breakfast.. Slurppp *
* Mine... *

It took approximately 4 hours to reached Hong Kong. Manage to take a quite nap there but quite not comfortable. Get a terrible neck pain after that but nevertheless, I am as excited as small kid going theme park the moment the plane landed at Hong Kong airport! It is like a brand new world and experience for me to explore :D

The Hong Kong airport is very big! We lost count how many travelator we took to reach the immegression counter. It look much bigger and spacious than any air port we had in Malaysia. No offence. I am impressed too with their architecture design. I can't help it but just keep praising to my deary. Those staff and police look very professional and smart with their uniform too!

Done our check out, bought our Octopus card, we head on straight to our guest house at Tsim Sha Tsui. Talk about Octopus card, it is really useful in Hong Kong. It work's like touch n go or your debit card. It is a must buy when any of you travel to Hong Kong :D Thanks for my friends who keep reminding me about this.

Anyway, I rented a week room in Hello Inn that located inside Mirador Mansion (美麗都大廈), Tsim Sha Tsui. It is pretty convenience too coz outside the building is the TST MTR already. Awesome spot :D

* The small hall way in Hello Inn *
* Our room! Wee *

Though Hello Inn is small (Well I heard all guest house in HK is small anyway), but it is clean. The landlord is a helpful and friendly guy too. Really appreciate he came and clean our room everyday.

That's all my first post of my Hong Kong journey. Do stay tune for more updates about HK :) Oh and video too that will...come in the end maybe? Teehee

More photos in my Jackie A Journey Called Jloi Facebook Page :)

P/s Those with cyber-shot logo on top is shot by Sony Cyber-shot HX50V :)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Steakhouse @ Changkat, Bukit Bintang Review

If you're one of those who enjopy fine dining, enjoy quality steak, then you should really explore this little gem that hidden in Changkat, Bukit Bintang. Who said you can't get fine dining along the street that full of bar? Anyway, courtesy to The Steakhouse, I am invited to join the food tasting session.

Established by German Chef expatriate Werner Kuhn, The Steakhouse is able to accommodate up to 40 people in it's restaurant. It is also worth to mentioned that The Whisky Bar is located right next to it, which gives it an advantage of having a larger selection of cocktails,fine wines and liquors as compared to if it were by itself. Werner Kuhn also owns several restaurants on the same street like Dining in The Dark, Werner's on Changkat and El Cerdo.

Nevertheless, this is what The Steakhouse offer us that day.

* Shrimp Cocktail RM 28 *

As one of the starters, we had Shrimp Cocktail. This gonna be my most favourite starters because it is full with prawns. Nop not the 2 big prawn as you can seen hanging on the glass, but there are more small prawns inside! The cocktail sauce just simply amazing plus fresh and chewy prawns served to us.

* Escargot RM 32 (6 piece) *

Next is Escargot Baked with garlic, herbs and butter. I guess this made me first time eating snail. With YOLO motto on myself, I just grab it and drill the meat from inside and eat it. Surprisingly it doesn't really taste funny. It blend perfectly with the garlic, herbs and butter, creating a very aromatic taste in mouth.

* Oyster Rockefeller RM 12/piece *

Our third Starters is none other than Oyster Rockefeller. It made together with spinach, fine herbs and pernod. My first time trying the oyster and slurp. Not my favourite as it taste very funny :/

* Fresh Live Oyster on ice with Shallot-Wine Vinaigrette RM9/piece *

Another type of oyster we had as starters, Fresh Live Oyster on ice with Shallot-Wine Vinaigrette. Again, I still don't like oyster XD This is why I damn cina man....

* Panfried Duck Foie Gras RM 42 *

Finally, Panfried Duck Foie Gras with fine bean and orange segments. One of my favourite too and recommended to everyone. It really melt into my mouth upon I put inside and superb rich in taste. I wouldn't mind take the whole plate for myself.

Here are the main course served to all of us. Of course, most of us are getting steak which are imported from Australia. We are given choices between Chilled Australian Grain Fed or the Aged Black Angus with 5 different cuts to choose from - Medallion, Tenderloin, T-bone, Rib-Eye and Striploin.

* Chilled Australian Grain Fed Rib-Eye (10oz/300gm) RM 78 *
* New Zealand Lamb Chops RM 68 *
* Grilled Black Cod Fish RM 58 *
* Chilled Australian Grain Fed Striploin (10oz/300gm) RM 68 *
* Chilled & Aged Black Angus Medallion (7oz/200gm) RM 98 *

Here are the sauces available to choose from - Black Pepper, Mushroom, Red Wine, BBQ and Bearnaise

Here what I ordered.

* Chilled & Aged Black Angus Tenderloin (7oz/200gm) RM 98 *

I got myself a Black Angus Steak Tenderloin. This definitely one of the best steak I ever had. Ordered it to be cook medium rare, this definitely a very juicy and tendered steak I ever had. Pair it with Red Wine sauce, definitely one of the steak I will never forget how it taste like.

* Belgium Chocolate Fondue RM 35 *

We had Belgium Chocolate Fondue as our dessert. Well it come with fruit of course ;P It chocolate was made with melted dark chocolate but abit disappointed that the taste wasn't rich enough. Hope they could improve it :)

* Andreas Special RM 22.50 *

Looking at Andreas Special remind me of 3 layers tea. I am not joking since each layer come with difference ice cream! It come with white chocolate ice cream, milky chocolate mousse, chocolate crumble, banana in passion fruit and pear in red wine. Definitely worth to give it a try for ice cream lover. It is so smooth and melt well in your mouth.

* Classic Italian Tiramisu RM 22.50 *

Classic Italian Tiramisu definitely one of the best Tiramisu I ever had. The bitterness of the espresso powder volume just nice as if this cake was specially design to suit my taste.

* Baked Cheese Cake RM 22.50 *

Baked Cheese Cake served with a side of Vanilla Ice-cream and Blueberry sauce. Not the most cheesey cake I ever had but my deary found it pretty good though.

Overall, it was a good experience dining in The Steakhouse. They had good ambient of light, relaxing environment which made you forget about the time passed dining there. It was pretty leisure too able to chit chat with friends under such environment. Ahhh such an unforgetable moment :)

The Steakhouse
44, Changkat Bukit Bintang,
Bukit Bintang, KL.
Tel: 02-2144 2268
Website: http://steakhousekl.com/