Friday, July 26, 2013

A Journey to Hong Kong Day 1 : LCCT & Hello Inn @ Mirador Mansion (美麗都大廈)

Finally! Done editing all my Hong Kong trip photos. But I still had 300+ horrible terrible vegetable potatoes videos to edit. Oh well Ganbateh Jackie! Not that I am very busy with my life now.. If you know what I mean :P Nevertheless, I went Hong Kong on 13th July and my plane departed on 7.15 am. Unfortunately nobody could drive me on that time and being broke like shit, I refuse to asked for cab. Being no choice, me & deary went to LCCT on 11pm on 12th July. Yay that's mean we are spending out night at LCCT until our flight time.

Oh well nothing fun to stay at LCCT for so many hours. Can't sleep at all. No Wi-Fi at all. No power plug at all eventhough in Mc Donald, it is very limited. We can't stay at Starbuck as well since they close for 4 hours for staff meeting! Gosh why pick meeting on this time! Being no choice, we back to Mc Donald, steal LCCT wifi that only free for 3 hours and deary do her work while I stunning looking at my phone...

* Ignore the date, I lazy correct it back *

Oh well happinesssuffering period passed very fast and ta daaa! Time to check in our luggage, wait 2 more hour then we are going to boarding section! Guess you won't believe this but it was my actually 2nd time taking plane in my whole life! wee Jakun!

* Our plane to HK! *

More pictures in the plane and our breakfast as well.

* weeeeee *
* Trying to capture the outside cloud but exposure suck *

We ordered breakfast in the plane as well when we booked our tickets last year. But once I got my breakfast, I asked myself "Oh god why, what had my past done to me today....?"

* Deary breakfast.. Slurppp *
* Mine... *

It took approximately 4 hours to reached Hong Kong. Manage to take a quite nap there but quite not comfortable. Get a terrible neck pain after that but nevertheless, I am as excited as small kid going theme park the moment the plane landed at Hong Kong airport! It is like a brand new world and experience for me to explore :D

The Hong Kong airport is very big! We lost count how many travelator we took to reach the immegression counter. It look much bigger and spacious than any air port we had in Malaysia. No offence. I am impressed too with their architecture design. I can't help it but just keep praising to my deary. Those staff and police look very professional and smart with their uniform too!

Done our check out, bought our Octopus card, we head on straight to our guest house at Tsim Sha Tsui. Talk about Octopus card, it is really useful in Hong Kong. It work's like touch n go or your debit card. It is a must buy when any of you travel to Hong Kong :D Thanks for my friends who keep reminding me about this.

Anyway, I rented a week room in Hello Inn that located inside Mirador Mansion (美麗都大廈), Tsim Sha Tsui. It is pretty convenience too coz outside the building is the TST MTR already. Awesome spot :D

* The small hall way in Hello Inn *
* Our room! Wee *

Though Hello Inn is small (Well I heard all guest house in HK is small anyway), but it is clean. The landlord is a helpful and friendly guy too. Really appreciate he came and clean our room everyday.

That's all my first post of my Hong Kong journey. Do stay tune for more updates about HK :) Oh and video too that will...come in the end maybe? Teehee

More photos in my Jackie A Journey Called Jloi Facebook Page :)

P/s Those with cyber-shot logo on top is shot by Sony Cyber-shot HX50V :)


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HenRy LeE said...

So many places I want to go... HK is in the list! :D

Jackie Loi said...

@mr lonely ohai!

@Henry Alot place I wanna go too :( I think I don't mind staying whole day at HK street for street shooting :D so much to shoot!

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May i ask how did you book to Hello Inn? I cant event find any rates in their website. Do you have their email add? many thanks!