Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Coriander Leaf Cafe Review @ Northpoint, Mid Valley

I guess it is no strange if most of you have no idea where is Northpoint. Even myself never been there at all before. It is actually an office area there and I don't think shopper will walk until there. Anyway, courtesy to Coriander Leaf Cafe for the invites, I discover a new and cheap place to eat at Mid Valley.

A quick introduction to Coriander Leaf Cafe - they are casual dining place that served mostly on breakfast, asian fusion, western and chinese style.

* Watermelon & Apple Juice *
* Teh C Special (3 Layer Tea) RM 3.80 *

We were been treated generously by Fabian, the owner of Coriander Leaf Cafe on that day as he allowed us to ordered whatever we want. Of course, he recommended few of his best seller which are chicken chop, chicken curry kapitan, honey chicken and salted egg fish.

* Nasi Lemak RM 2.90 *

No chance to try this since Marilyn finish it by herself LOL

* Kam Heong Beef *

Kam Heong Beef wasn't in the menu and Fabian plan to include it soon. “Kam Heong” is a signature Malaysian stir-fry and also means “Golden Fragrance”. It incorporates ingredients from Malay, Chinese, and Indian cooking. While the Kam Heong Beef from Coriander Leaf Cafe doesn't really make me drool, it wasn't disappointed either. The ingredient mixture and portion just nice. The beef meat is tender enough to chew.

* Chicken Curry Kapitan RM 8.90 *

A quick check on Chicken Curry Kapitan, it actually an adaptation of the Indian chicken curry. Kapitan is the name given to appointed Chinese chiefs during the times of the Straits Settlement. My first time having this and is really good. It is not too spicy either. Gonna order more of this in future :D

* Marmite Fish RM 8.90 *
* Salted Egg Fish RM 9.90 *

Nothing much to shout on the Marmite Fish and Salted Egg Fish. It just taste good and the fish is fresh :D

* Butter Prawn with Gravy RM 9.50 *

I am not huge fans of prawn because I always hate to peel the shell. For some reason, the shell and the meat for this Butter Prawn with Gravy is soft. The butter taste good though but I am sure not the best I ever had.

* Honey Chicken RM 9.50 *

One of the major crowd favourite, Honey Chicken. Every part of the chicken is fully coated with the honey and definitely make you finger licking good.

* Kam Heong Fried Rice RM 8.50 *

Abit disappointed on the Kam Heong Fried Rice as I felt the taste not consistence. Some part has strong fragrance and some just feel abit more plain. However the taste almost close to what I had ever tasted, the best Kam heong fried rice. Prefer it to have stronger taste though to enhance it.

* Chicken Chop RM 11.90 *
* The sauces *

Finally, the best seller in the shop, Chicken Chop. It come with four sauces to choose - black pepper, sweet & sour, nyonya and mushroom cheese. Out of the four sauces, my favourite goes to Nyonya sauce. It is spicy and abit sour, close to hainanese sauce. The chicken chop portion is big enough and yes, they usually chopped into pieces already for you. Seriously, pair it with nyonya sauce, one of the best chicken chop I ever had.

It was a very pleasant and great lunch dining at Coriander Leaf Cafe. Unfortunately we have no chance to try their noodle but I'll be back again to try out more of their menu. If you're someone who working nearby Mid Valley, add this place as one of your lunch spot!

For more info, feel free to check out their Facebook Page, Coriander Leaf Restaurant.

A-M-2, Northpoint Offices, Midvalley City,
Jalan Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


HenRy LeE said...

still quite expensive but the food looks good tho... prefer to have food at oasis!

Merryn said...

The chicken chop, it will come with 4 sauces or do we have to choose when we order? The nyonya sauce looks really good!

Jackie Loi said...

@Henry haha more or less same price with Oasis. But the food not bad :)

@Merryn can choose one only of course. We are given four to test it out that day

Lina said...

Sorry to ask, i would like to know the halal status for the meat... Those foods look aaaamazing. I wanna try!
Thank you.