Monday, July 29, 2013

Current Me

I dunno will you guys tired reading my blog that full with events, foods or maybe gadgets only. To be honest I am abit tired with this.. I started to miss writing my own personal life in my blog. You know, people from my time wrote blog as a diary :P Anyway, here's my current life. I quit my job a day before I left to Hong Kong for vacation. Don't ask why. I took a big risk to quit it, hoping to get a better job and something I really wanna do. But in the same time I am afraid of rejection. I dunno is my portfolio good enough? I am willing to learn and I dare to admit I am a fast learner. I am the type easily to adapt as well. Since the day I quite my job, I havent actually tried to submit any of my resume to others. There are too many things in my heart.

I have too many dream, too many things I wanna achieve in life. Yea, you guys gonna tell me "Do it one by 1! Achieve the small dream first!" Well, I don't have small dream unfortunately.. Ok maybe be fulltime blogger consider small dream? Nah I gonna die without any income. Started to struggle abit now and I am watching my spending now time to time. I am not really a big spender but sometime I just wouldn't mind spend most of my money on foods. Well gadget as well if I think it is a need. Cough. Want.

Yea just bought myself a Rode mic. Been needing. cough. Wanting to have it since last year but I just keep hesitate. What driven me got it suddenly? Well because of this.

Begin to shoot a short film again after a year for a competition. I joined last year. Kinda forcefully. And of course I didn't manage to win anything. I am trying my luck again this year, hoping I can see some improvement on myself. Plus, it is my last year joining this competition since it got age limit. It just shown that how old I am now :( Nevertheless, maybe I should start cheat small kid to join the competition under their name LOL

I had fun shooting this few days. Tiring but I do realize something. I can't multitask a shit on something I am not experience of. I felt helpless too sometimes. Anyway, I am willing to give out everything I know on this time to submit for the competition since I am still jobless now. I guess I am more than happy if I manage to get into top 10. Well, dream on.

I wanna take a break in this whole August, concentrating on editing this video, designing my new room (yea I am shifting house), and perhaps attend more events especially gadget event? Well, best of luck for me. By September if nothing much change, I should start looking for new job desperately.

Oh should I start doing video regularly? Since I invested on it adi..LOL

Anyway don't worry, I still had more to share in my blog especially my awesome Hong Kong trip! :D


Twilight Man said...

It is okay to change jobs often instead of getting gagged and tortured in one hole. I have changed some 15 jobs. Muahahaha

Once I used to be involved with TVC video shoots too. It was fun to help direct and act as well.

Sydney said...

may i know how much the mic costed?