Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Journey to Hong Kong Day 1 : Sun Kee Restaurant (新記餐廳) @ Champagne Court, Kimberly Road

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I am very excited to begin walk at Hong Kong street right after checked in at Hello Inn. The first thing we did is look for food for our lunch! I did quite number of researched what to eat at Hong Kong earlier. Whether it is nice, famous or expensive, I wouldn't know until I try it right? Hence, we going to try Sun Kee Restaurant that located at Kimberly Road, inside Champagne Court for their famous Pork Neck Noodle with Cheese sauce. It is near to our guest house anyway, just few minute walking.

Walking on the Hong Kong street for the first time give me a goosebump. All the tall building, all the human that flooded the street and all the advertisement signboard pointed out is exactly like what I seen in TVB drama. I really wouldn't mind stay longer at the street for some street and landscape photography. Unfortunately I know I couldn't.

So yea we reach Champagne Court with Google Map assist. A really handy map you should have in all your electronic devices. The moment I step into the Champagne Court, I straight away jizz in my pant and get turn on. Nah not because I saw any pornography material, but because the building is full with camera shops. Camera shops that sell all retro film camera!! Any brand, any model! Leica, Hassablad, Mamiya, you name it! Drooollll I wish I have enough cash to bring any one of the baby home. I wanna buy Olympus OM-1D :(

Ok back to food. Here we are, Sun Kee Restaurant. It is pretty easy to spot. The shop is pack with people despite it is almost 3pm. I gotta agree everything involve with space in Hong Kong is small. The shop is small, compact and pack LOL Of course, don't be surprise with "Tap Toi" (other people come sit and share same table with you) culture in Hong Kong.

Anyway we ordered the famous Pork Neck Noodle with Cheese Sauce and also Roasted Pork with Prawn Noodle.

* Pork Neck Noodle with Cheese Sauce $41 *

The pork neck is the bomb! The taste is definitely outclass most pork that sell in Malaysia especially at the fat part. The cheese in the sauce not salty and it blend well with the noodle and pork. The noodle itself look like maggic mee. It is flexible and definitely nice to chew.

* Roasted Pork with Prawn Noodle $41 *

I guess it is call prawn noodle because in chinese it is call Ha Chi Min. It look like mee raja for me. Anyway it is a herbal soup in it. Don't get fool by the soup. It taste good but also has spicy after taste! The pork is slight difference from the cheese sauce but deary said it is the same. Personally, I felt the meat is not tender but chewy enough.

We ordered a drink too, yin yong tea and it cost $16. Ouch! There goes my $98 lunch at Hong Kong.

Done with lunch, we went back guest house to take a rest before begin our real journey on night time. Stay tune for my next post!

Sun Kee Restaurant (新記餐廳)
Website : N/A
Address : G/F, Shop 13 -14, Champagne Court, 16 - 20 Kimberley Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

More photo in my Jackie A Journey Called Jloi Facebook Page :)

p/s I heard their beef noodle with cheese sauce is nice too.


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