Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Journey to Hong Kong Day 2 : Four Seasons Pot Rice (四季煲仔飯), Hing Kee Restaurant (興記菜館) and Temple Street Night Market @ Yau Ma Tei

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Sorry for lack of update my Hong Kong post. Been pretty busy with my life. You know, watching movie, playing game, shake leg at home. Nah just kidding. OMG still stuck in day 2 eh :( Anyway it is the last part of my day 2 in Hong Kong. Obviously it is time for dinner and some night life activity. Well I mean walking night market. We explored to Yau Ma Tei!

From my research.. well not exactly thoroughly awesome research since I can't read chinese. Most of my foods research of HK are gotten from KampungBoyCityGirl blog. They are awesome yo! Anyway back to topic. Heard that Yau Ma Tei has famous pot rice and not only one shop, but two! Well actually I realize the whole temple street is full with pot rice restaurant but the famous are always either Four Seasons Pot Rice (四季煲仔飯) or Hing Kee Restaurant (興記菜館). The shop are opposite to each other. Good rivalry huh?

Without hesitation, we went into Four Seasons Pot Rice (四季煲仔飯) first. It is packed inside and of course, being in Hong Kong, tap toi (share table with others) is unavoidable. Thanks got I got awesome chinese reader to went Hong Kong with me, my deary. We orders Deep Fried Oyster Cake and also Salty Fish and Chicken with rice.

* Deep Fried Oyster Cake $25 *

The Deep Fried Oyster Cake fried together with duck egg and honestly it is one of the best I ever had! Not to mention one of the most oily 1 LOL. The oyster feel fresh as well. It is really good and it should be feel less oily if eat it with rice.

* Salty Fish & Chicken with Rice $35 *

The chicken in tender enough and nice. We can add our own soy sauce to the rice but unfortunately it is still not salty enough despite we pour almost a spoon of the sauce. Guess HK people like less salty eh? The whole rice actually pretty plain and tasteless.

Website : N/AAddress : 46-58 Arthur Street, Yau Ma TeiRemarks : They only provide hot tea for free but not selling other drinks. Bring your own soft drinks if you want. No plus 10% service charge.

Next, we move on to Hing Kee Restaurant (興記菜館). Compare with Four Seasons Pot Rice (四季煲仔飯), it is less people. We ordered Spare Ribs and Chinese Sausage Rice with pot and also Deep Fried Pork Intestine.

* Spare Ribs and Chinese Sausage Rice with Pot $30 *

I don't like chinese sausage and personally the taste of the sausage in here is one the worst I ever had. Nothing to shout on the rice and spare ribs. It is plain and I felt Four Seasons Pot Rice (四季煲仔飯) taste much better. Just an honest comparison from me, no offence k?

* Deep Fries Pork Intestine $55 *

The Deep Fried Pork Intestine wasn't my favourite either despite being a pork lover and wouldn't mind to have intestines in my Bat Kut Teh soup. The pork taste smell too strong and oily as well. Make me feel like puke out all my previous dinner.

Conclusion, I don't enjoy my dinner in Hing Kee Restaurant (興記菜館). Oh well, what done is done. We grab the opportunity to have a walk at night market of Temple Street.

Website : N/AAddress : G/F, 14, 19, 21 Temple Street & 48 Arthur Street, Yau Ma Tei

It doesn't look much difference from what we have in local. Clothes, toys, etc are everywhere. Did some research and apparently tourist rated Temple Street has the best night market compare with others.

Unfortunately rain came on wrong time and both of us ran quickly into the store. Manage to grab a bottle of Kronenbourge while waiting rain stop. Yay my first beer in HK! and the only one LOL

Next day, we are going to eat breakfast at restaurant that has one Michelin star, then we went into big temple again and on night time, I brace myself with all the chinese words on street, ALONE. Stay tune for my next post of Hong Kong ;)

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p/s All photos taken by Sony Cyber-shot HX50V


Čღήήϊє LCW said...

I didn't know there's this Four Seasons Pot Rice, didn't notice also. So my friend and I had our dinner at Hing Kee Restaurant, bit disappointed though.

Jackie Loi said...

@Connie ohh if i remember correctly there are few Hing Kee along the road. Try Four Seasons next round! It is much better!