Monday, August 19, 2013

Good Vibes Festival 2013 with Heineken Starclub

It was Malaysia first ever Good Vibes festival! In this festival, Heineken debut Starclub - the two storey porous pavilion with an indoor & outdoor club feel transports attendees to a unique music experience marrying the best of both worlds; a place where you can experience the rays of sunlight stream in during the day and feel darkness slink in as nightfall slowly blankets the sky over Starclub.

The event started on 4pm and I reach there around 4.30pm together with my deary and Benjamin. While it is still early and not much people, we managed to explore the whole area, experiences difference musics in difference stages, play all the games as well as won all the merchandises.

* Performance by Pesawat *
* Performance by Pesawat *

We have Red Stage, Blue Stage, Green Stage (Heineken Starclub) and also Silent Discotek. All performances and DJ was on in each stage on same time. There are also some area for games, foods and also flee market as I mentioned earlier.

* Silent Discotek headset *
* Two DJs spinning! *

Well, I guess I'll let my pictures speak more :D

* Wee finally I got the Hipster glasses *
* With Benjamin, YY and your truly in Silent Kotek Discotek *
* Henry who came later *
* Our dinner - one of the best Tachos I ever had *
* Chicken Burger with fries from Botak Burger. The fries and chicken patty is the bomb! *
* Enjoying sunset view from the Heineken Starclub *

Of course, most real shows started after 7pm! On Red stage we have Monologue, Modest Mouse and also The Smashing Pumpkins!

* Performance by Monologue *
* Performance by Monologue *
* Modest Mouse *
* Modest Mouse *
* Modest Mouse *
* Modest Mouse *

While Blue stage, we have ASH, Japandroids and also The Will Kill Us All!

* Ash *
* Ash *
* Ash *

On Heineken Starclub itself, DJ are spinning in the house! It was Deer Society, Twilight Actiongirl and finally Golfish!

It was pretty enjoyable event and I do enjoy myself with ASH performance most :D Modest Mouse wasn't exactly my taste of music eventhough they seem have larger crowds as fans. Thanks Heineken for inviting me!

All photos are taken with Sony Cyber-shot HX50V with minor enhancement with Photoshop. I managed to push the camera to ISO 1600 and 3200 for the performances shot. Honestly, it was a good camera but not for lowlight. But the zooming is really real deal. I shall review it on my full review soon :)

More photo in my Jackie A Journey Called Jloi Facebook Page :)


Teoh Jia En said...

Hi Jackie, I'm one of the DJs in the silentdiscotek photo above. Wondering do you have more of the DJs photos? Because I didn't take any photos with my camera :(

Charmaine Pua Li Ping said...

Like very fun! Regret I din go =(

Jackie Loi said...

@teoh Hi :D Sorry I din really shoot much of the DJs. Most of my photos in my Facebook page. Perhaps you can check?

@Charmaine Regret leh!! :P