Monday, August 05, 2013

A Journey to Hong Kong Day 1 : Avenue of Stars

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* Panorama shot by Sony HX50v. Click the image for full view *

Continue from previous post, after we had our lunch, we made our move and back to hotel to rest. You know it is such a torture that we din get to sleep whole night before our flight departure. I feel refreshed after few hours nap and we decided to pay a visit to nearest tourist spot as our starter in Hong Kong, Avenue of Stars. The Avenues of Stars is a whole street that full with statues, hand sign and signature of all Hong Kong artist.

Not exactly very far from my guest house to there by walking. It takes around 20 min. The wind is very strong that night and it definitely feel good. Guess I did not make a mistake to come at night instead of day that we might face risk of overkilled sun or rain.

Of course, I brough my tripod along for this visit. I wouldn't wanna my pics turn out to be blur and unable to capture any satisfactory pics. Nah no pushing high ISO since I did not have any fast lens. I only had both Sony HX50v and my Olympus E-P3 + Panasonic 7-14mm f4 remember?

Eventhough we came at night time (which is about 10pm+), visitors still widely spotted. So, gotta be smart when you're taking photos.

Nevertheless, I had a great night spending at Avenue of Stars. Relaxing walking journey with breezy wind.

More photo in my Jackie A Journey Called Jloi Facebook Page :)