Monday, August 26, 2013

NoReservation Japanese Fast Food Cafe @ SS15

Once in a while, me & deary love to dig hidden gem around. Well the hidden gem here mean some restaurant that doesn't look mainstream. We stumble across this shop last week, NoReservation Cafe and they claim themself Japanese Fast Food. The shop located at SS15, same row with Mc Donald.

Upon arriving, we were greeted by the Japanese cashier (who is the owner I assume). On the left is sushi and some menu while on the right side of the wall is the menu as well. We choose Set C, RM40 where the set come with Udon or Soba, Choice of 2 Sushi Plate, Soft Shell Crab, Chicken Teriyaki, Edamame, Fruit and drink (refillable). I ordered extra Geso (Fried Calamari), Mushroom Tempura and another Char Siu Udon as well. In addition, we get another free drink since our receipt hit over RM50.

Nevertheless, here are our foods.

* Mushroom Tempura RM 7 *
* Soft Shell Crab RM 12 *
* Geso (Fried Calamari) RM 6 *
* Edamame (SET C) and Chicken Teriyaki (SET C) *
* Salmon Sushi *
* Ebi Sushi *
* Normal Udon (SET C) *
* Char Siu Udon RM 10 *

I did not put much expectation but the Char Siu in the Udon is pretty good. Not the best but good enough. The Salmon sushi is fresh as well! Meanwhile, the Chicken Teriyaki a little bit disappointed. It doesn't achieve the standard taste it should have. Other than that, the rest is decent enough and trust me, it is not bad.

Price wise and the portion, it is justifiable for me. Not to say very cheap, but the price good enough to stay away from the main competitors. Overall, it is good dining experience in NoResevation. I wouldn't mind to pay a visit again whenever I am craving for some Japanese foods.