Wednesday, August 21, 2013

You Can Make A Difference Charity

Last weekend, I accompanied deary to join a charity event at Kepong, FRIM. Nah I did not volunteer to be helper. I be photographer instead. Been always wanted to photograph children. Their smile and happiness all are innocent kind :D Anyway, the purpose of the charity event was to accompanied and have outdoor activities with children from orphanage.

Unfortunately my dream and imagination shattered once I realize majority are teenagers instead small kids. Oh well, life goes on. Hoping to be able to capture some nice and memorable photos of them :) There were children from two orphanage house presented on that day. One from OUG and another one from Jinjang Utara.

The event started with a morning exercise and followed by activities-sport-alike. Well, I'll let my pictures speak more :)

Using both Olympus 14-54mm f2.8-3.5 and also Carl Zeiss 50mm f2.8 lenses only that day. Found out that I still have horrible skill in manual focus with my manual lenses. If only my camera has focus peaking... Nevertheless, hoping to have Olympus 75mm f1.8 on that day too for nice portrait shoot with the children. I should have really approach some of them one by one and did a solo portrait shot for them :D

Nevertheless, it was a well spent Sunday morning with the children. Though I am there not to help, but I suppose I managed to be moment shooter for them :D What will they think about today 10 years later when they see back the photos? I bet it will be one of the happy memory for them :)

For those who interested involved in this kind of charity, lemme know and I might can arrange it for you all :D

More photo in my Jackie A Journey Called Jloi Facebook Page :)


HenRy LeE said...

Seems like u r having fun shooting! Hahaha... this is a mad charity? So who's the mad one? :P

Jackie Loi said...

@henry haha Make A Difference (MAD) lorr ... the clown kut plg mad 1 :P

choulyin.tan said...

the kids really look like they're having fun! maybe we should have a blogger csr thing and organise something like this for the kids! :D