Monday, September 09, 2013

Brotzeit Bier Bar & Restaurant Food Review @ Mid Valley

* My awesome pork gang *

When it is come to pork, I guess I can't say no. You'll always see me with wide open smile and say "YES! YES" to you. So if any of you have awesome pork, bkt or char siu, feel free to ask me! :D Ok abit out of topic but this time around the pork is from Brotzeit Bier Bar! Courtesy to Nuffnang, I get to join the food review. I has been always wanted to try Brozeit. Note that few days before the food review, I actually went to Brotzeit for the first time with the Pork Gang. Hence, this is not my first experience.

* From left :  Radler, Bayrischer Longdrink, Churchill, Affensaft, Russ'n and Schwarzer *

Well it is German Bar afterall. Hence no surprise with the beers we get! Radler is a mixture of Original Munich Lager with Sprite and it's a popular sports drink. Bayrischer Longdrink is a mixture of Vodka, lime juice, and Original Münchner Urtyp while Churchill is a mixture of Compari with Original Münchner Urtyp. My personal favourite is Affensaft, a mixture between Weissbier with banana or mango juice. It is sweet! Not to forget Russ'n is made by Weissbier with Sprite and Schwarzer by Weissbier with Coke.

* Brotzeitflade Speck/ Bacon Pizza RM32 *

We started of our review with Brotzeitflade Speck/ Bacon Pizza. I have to say the pizza is pretty crispy and chewy! It comes with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, bacon, onions, vine ripened tomatoes and chili. Not to mentioned it also came with Cili Padi that most of us got it without realizing it.

* Salad mit Schafskase/ Feta Salad RM38 (regular) / RM23 (small) *

Salad mit Schafskase/ Feta Salad is a mixed salad with feta cheese, red bell peppers, semi-dried tomatoes, onions, olives, garlic croutons and sour cream tossed with house dressing. The portion is good enough for sharing and probably a huge fans of salad could finish it alone. The cheese seriously very salty if you did not blend it properly in the first place. Other than that, it is very well balances and not disappointing!

* Huge pork knuckle! *
* Chef Helmut helping us cut the pork knuckle *

Here come our main character of the day! It is very similar with the Pork Platters in the menu but not exactly same. Yes it is something created for Octoberfest known as Octoberfest Platter. It is suitable for 5-6 people and will be available from 21st September to 31st October 2013.

* Octoberfest Platter RM258 *

The platter included Pork Garlic Sausage, Pork Chop, Pork Belly, Roasted Chicken & Pork Knuckle. Personally, it was alright overall and nothing wow. The pork knuckle and pork chop too dry for my liking. If it could moist abit it would be perfect. The pork belly and the sausage is my most favourite.

Next is dessert time! A wise man said always has a space in your stomach for dessert.

* Profiterole Duet RM20 *

Profiterole Duet come with Chocolate profiterole with vanilla ice cream and cinnamon sugar apple fritter on vanila sauce. Soft and puffy profiterole mix with vanilla ice-cream is perfect combi ever.

* Bavarian Orange Trifle RM18 *

This dessert has refreshing layers of triple sec of rum and orange infused sponge fingers and fresh cream. Of course the best way to eat Bavarian Orange Trifle is use your spoon and scope it until the bottom and eat it instead of layer by layer. Rum FTW!

* Kaiserschmarren, Emperor’s Cake RM20 *

This is shredded pancake with rum and raisin served with plum sauce. It is soft and moist as well as goes well with the plum sauce. Really nice one!

* Sweet & Savoury Duo RM25 *

Well I really never expect it has bacon chocolate in this dessert! The white color thingy is not ice-cream either but white chocolate mousse and the strawberries marinated with lemon and then doused with apricot sauce. It is truly heavenly dessert I ever had.

Overall it is very pleasant dining experience in Brotzeit and friendly service by the waiters there.

Brotzeit will be hosting Oktoberfest at their two outlets (Mid Valley & Sunway Pyramid) and the dates have been scheduled for 2nd, 3rd and 4th October 2013 at Mid Valley and on 10th October 2013 at Sunway Pyramid. Reservations are encouraged as seating is limited to 200 covers per evening and advance purchase of Entrance Tickets are recommended at RM50nett per person which includes a pint of Oktoberfest bier and a chance to win a range of attractive lucky draw prizes from dining vouchers to air tickets.

For reservation, call 03-22875516 or 03-56385516.