Monday, September 16, 2013

Star Serve : The Perfect Pint of Heineken

* Yes you may ask me serve you beer but you need get me the barrel :P *

So, here some quiz for you all - What's the reason to order the second pint of beer? Because you like it? Close enough. The exact answer is because of the quality of the first! Well what is quality pint if you asked me? Courtesy to Heineken, I am invited to join the Star Serve together with Keith Nair workshop.

* Our sifu of the night, Keith Nair *

I never put much consideration when taking my pint but thanks to the workshop, I realize I was wrong all this while and I will pay extra attention to my pint from now onwards. A perfect pint of Heineken will need to go through Pouring Ritual. Don't worry, it is nothing like required a sacrifices or dance Gangnam Style. Heck Gangnam Style has nothing to do with beer. The Pouring Ritual is just five simple steps that all Heineken pourer practise.

Step 1 : Rinse

You wouldn't want your customer have an ugly glass isn't? Rinse and cool a clean glass. The purpose is apparent: a cool glass will keep the beer cool longer and a clean glass will keep the foam on the beer firm. If a room temperature glass is used, the beer will warm up during pouring and the foam will collapse quickly. Foam prevents the beer from going flat by keeping carbon dioxide in and keeping oxygen out.

Step 2 : Pour

Open the tap in one swift motion. If this is not done fast enough, the oxygen in beer will escape and a lot of foam will be created. This means the glass of beer cannnot be poured in one go. Opening the tap too slowly also changes the flavour of the beer, since the carbon dioxide has already come into contact with oxygen. Make sure that the nozzle of the tap does not touch the beer of foam during pouring. Otherwise, the beer will taste of and the foam will collapse fast. The glass should be filled in one go so a nice and even head of foam is formed. The bottom oxygen ring ensure the beer's freshness. When the glass is full of foam, the tap needs to be closed in one smooth motion again for the same reason as above, it is necessary to get a head of foam that is thick firm enough to protect the beer. The signature Heineken glass has a parabolic design of the side, if you till the parabolic to form a horizontal line, the glass is actually on a 45 degree. When beer is almost reaching the top, tilt the glass back to straight to straight. Move the stream nearer to the side if you need less foam; move the stream to the center if you need more foam.

Step 3 : Skim

It is essential to skim at the right pace in the exact right way, That is the only way to get a thick and firm head of foam with a good surface tension, on a nice and shiny head. So, take a wet skimmer and skim under a 45 degree at the exact moment the foam touches the rim of the glass. You will not only remove the oxygen in the superfluous foam that distorts the taste, but you will also create surface tension that protects the beer from oxygen for a long time. You might ask, why skim? Isn't that a waste? No, why skimming away the bigger bubbles on top, you actually prevent the big bubble to sink and reduce the rest of the smaller cute bubbles!

Step 4 : Check

Leave the glass of beer to rest for several moments after pouring. This will enable the beer in the foam to sink back into the glass. Make sure you do not place the glass directly underneath the tap. Drops falling from the tap will damage the foam, which will make it collapse faster. Wait until the foam is stable, only then continue to the next step. When the bottom of the head sits on the star's horizon your Heineken Draught Beer has been poured to perfection!

Step 5 : Serve

Put down a Heineken beer mat with logo facing the guest. Pick up the glass of beer at the bottom and present it with the logo facing consumer.

Tadaa! As easy as that! All of us are given chance to try to pour a beer by ourself. Honestly it is not easy but practise make perfect! As long as five step followed accurately, you can serve a perfect pint of Heineken. Now if your pint wasn't perfect when you go to drink, demand for it! If the pourer denied, now show my blog post and slap right to his face! Ok just joking :P

* My perfect pint in first tried! Genius right? :P *

Through Heineken Facebook, there is a Heineken Star Serve Facebook App where all of us can virtually learn how to perform the five steps in the Heineken Pouring Virtual while putting the beer knowledge to test in a pop quiz. The top 8 virtual pourers in the app will receive an exclusive invite in the Mational Finals of Heineken Star Serve competition, with the winner of the pour-off taking home an all-expense paid trip to join the winning bartender in Amsterdam and witness the Heineken Global Bartender Finals in November!! OMG I am jelly!!

* The winner of the pourer contest on that night. All master liao! *

The Heineken "Star Serve" contest run from 19 August - 20 September 2013. So what are you waiting for? This is your chance to earn the passport to Amsterdam, the home of Heineken! Now I will BRB in my blog coz I will be busy pouring for perfect pint!