Monday, September 30, 2013

Win 60 Vespas in 60 Days from Digi!

As everyone know Digi has one of the best plan for the prepaid Internet Plan. It has become core to everyone now to stay connect via phone and of course with Digi you can enjoy the flexibility of choosing a mobile internet plan that suits your usage needs. While you can always stay connected with your friends, you also have the convenience of continuous surfing on-the-go. Never miss talkin with your friends via Whatsapp message or update your FB status whenever you like!!

Just surfing internet with Digi doesn't satisfy you? How about now you can win 60 Vespas in 60 Days from Digi!? All you need to do is subscribe to any of their Prepaid Mobile Internet frm weekly RM7 and above and you will earn yourself entries to the contest. If you're chosen to be their participant, all you have to do is answer a simple question. Answer the question correctly and you could walk away with a shiny new Vespa! Hurry! Time is limited for you because only one Vespa to be won per day!

You can easily subscribe to DiGi Prepaid Mobile Internet plans by dialling *116#. There's only 36 Vespas remaining!! Here a tips for you - the higher your Internet quota, the more entries you get and thus, your chance of winning will be higher!

Just logon to if you want to know more about the contest.

Digi always the smartest choice!