Monday, October 28, 2013

Hey, Monday!

Another unproductive last week in my own blog. Seriously I just couldn't bring myself to blog when I am tired, mentally and physically. So, I started to salute my old self and you all who can update blog everyday. Come to think of it, nothing interesting happened to me this month. Mostly focused on my client project and has no time for me, myself and I.. Well except I manage to have a short trip to Ipoh with friends on last weekend courtesy of Honda. Thanks God I am not into car much. Poison manage to resisted eventhough the Civic Hybrid are nice to drive! Ok CR-Z are even better! I shall blog about this trip after my busy week over!

October ending soon. I promised that I will complete all my HK trips before end of October but unfortunately I gotta postpone it till early next month. Reason being was stated above, I am tired and busy. Doing freelance in this whole month has taught me pretty couple of things in dealing with client though I am very sure I just show my grumpy face in front of them on today meeting :/ Life not easy. Earning money also never be easy. Gotta work hard! Hope can complete the project ASAP and I can concentrate looking for a job.

* Anticipating the new Olympus OM-D E-M1! *

I am slowly turning my blog direction into something else because I am getting tired and bored the ordinary life as blogger. Hopefully can fully concentrate on that starting next year :) What it is? Well it may be up to you to guess and judge. Honestly, I don't even know anymore do I have reader in my blog :P Or my blog is slowly die and left my own syiok sendiri-ness? LOL

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Journey to Hong Kong Day 4 : Ngong Ping 360 and Lan Kwai Fong (蘭桂坊) ft Gong Cha

Click in if you haven't read my Journey to Hong Kong Day 4 Part 2.

Finally my last post for day 4. Phew! I know I been dragging my Hong Kong trip post and if I don't complete it immediately, God know when I will drag this until. Well, I wish I could share all my experiences and tips in Hong Kong to everyone who reading my blog though :) Hope it does LOL.. Anyway, after took the bus from Tai-O and back to Ngong Ping 360, we decided to climb the stair and meet the Buddha.

See how small the buddha is from us?

Thanks to Sony Cybershot HX50V, I can see the buddha face in close up! I straight away told deary "Dont need climb la! We reach liao" by pointing this close up photo LOL

Oh well, can't escape! There is nothing feel better than after you accomplished something you wanna do. So yea, we are climbing the stairs all the way up! I am not sure if to compare with our Batu Caves which is longer though. But at least the stair at here not as tough as Ladder Street. It tooks me about 10 minutes to reach the top, with a quick stop for photography purposes in the middle of the way. So yea everyone, I met the Buddha! He praise me good boy and reward me something! Ok just kidding.

Not sure is the temple on top there suppose locked or already closed. So, nothing much for us to do at the top except taking photos around. After that, we rushed back down to catch the last cable car schedule which is 5pm. If only we had more time, we could actually visit the temple nearby.

Reach back the MRT station, we take a quick walk to Citygate Outlets shopping mall. According to deary it is a must visit shopping mall for shopping. Too bad the reason we went in not for shopping, but to grab a quick bites before heading back to our guest house. Manage to bought Takoyaki and the waffle egg (I think it is call that.. Correct me if I am wrong). The Takoyaki is salty while the waffle egg almost tasteless, but crispy!

So yea we went back to our guest house later and we know we lack of clothes for the coming day. We need to pay a visit to laundry shop nearby. We made a quick googling around and found out Sunshine Laundry nearby, which located at Kimberly Road. NICE! Google save the day again! Without hesitation we packed out clothes and went there. While on the way to the laundry, I actually notice quite a number people holding Gong Cha on their hand. I told deary there must be a Gong Cha nearby and I am interested to try it out.

Sent our clothes to Laundry, we make a quick search at Google map and ta daaa! We found it! So yea, Google Map with data plan is a MUST when travelling LOL.. Without hesitation, we ordered a cup of the Gong Cha Winter Melon with Signature Milk with pearl. It cost about $21 LOL.. foods & beverages really expensive here :(

But guess what, the taste was exactly same with the one in Malaysia! Ok I am not regret. Maybe if got chance next I gonna try the same thing at Singapore and Taiwan just for the sake of comparison LOL

After done the quick chore, we intended to chill the night away. We decided to went to Starbucks at Duddell Street. What so special about the Starbucks? It is known as Starbucks + Bing Suet! Which mean the interior design is Hong Kong old style cafe. You know those you used to see them in TVB Drama?? Unfortunately we are abit late when we arrived there. They closed at 9pm. Ahh FML!

Being no choice, we decided to walk to Lan Kwai Fong (蘭桂坊) just for the sake of going to have a look. Not that I have money to go in and enjoy :/

It is still early I guess, it is not as happening as I though. No hot chick spotted as wellBut the amount of bars and clubs is too damn high! Can clearly seen alot foreigner around too.

Nothing much to shout since I don't have chance to enter the bars/clubs to experience it. Cough maybe next time, somewhere, in Taiwan. Hopefully? :P

That's all for my day 4 life in Hong Kong. Next day, we are going small kid land!! AWWW YEAHHHHH!!

More photo in my Jackie A Journey Called Jloi Facebook Page :)

Monday, October 21, 2013

New Companion

So, my blog once again grow spider web. Geez hate myself for not able to blog when I am stress over my job. Mind just completely focused on works and laziness to blog born. So how's my life? Nothing much to shout. Still handling client project which the events gonna take place on next Thursday. Due to this, I don't have chance to go Thailand to accompanied my gf where she will return next Friday. Oh well, good luck to myself! This week is a critical week for the project and I afraid I don't have much time to blog :(

Nevertheless, I bought something for myself yesterday. Felt like I spend alot money since the beginning of the months till now piff.. So yea it is Olympus 45mm f1.8 lens! Like finally I invest on another prime lens. Felt very lucky to be able to get cheap deal as used unit. I almost go to buy a new unit because I know it is hard to get second hand for 45mm. However I told myself be patient and keep calm. Jeng! I guess it is sorta God bless for me to be able found nice deal. Alright, gotta shoot more with 45mm now and get familiarize with the lens. Next step, Olympus OM-D E-M1! Opss actually there is another thing coming soon all the way from Thailand ;)

Was supposingly start my training at one of the 3D studio today but got some unfortunate news that training won't be start anytime soon as long as the fund wasn't get approval. FML! Waited for a month for the fund approval and yet no sound at all from the party. I already gave up waiting for this job and immediately sent my resume to Nuffnang. Fuh feel like challenging on job that I had zero experience. Well that's it if I am call for interview and got the job :/ or else I need to re-look it again..uh I has been jobless for three months...

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Masjid Jamek Explorer

* Old cinema *

It feel so good that today is public holiday! It has been time! Oh waittt I thought I am on holiday since.. few months back? Beat me I am still unemployed and walking to the unknown path of future.. piff Nevertheless, manage to woke up early today to had some shooting session with friends. Of course, all are Olympus micro four third user like me :P Suddenly feel proud for knowing so many hardcore Olympus supporter.

* Look up? *
* Bored *

Recently, there are few friends came and ask me about which camera they should get. To be honest, I am not a correct guy to ask and I tend to be bias, you know I will ask you choose Olympus in the end! For me, once I decided to go into interchangeable lens, there are few things I always consider - camera AF speed, camera buttons layout, lens choices and image quality. No, I don't give a damn on flip screen, WiFi or NFC though it wouldn't hurt to have. I always advices my friends that it doesn't matter, most cameras in market nowdays are great camera. In the end it is always about yourself which camera you're comfortable and happy with.

Looks like I derailed from the topic... Opss!

* Testing the Olympus 45mm f1.8 sharpness with Carmen as subject *
* My first close up approached on stranger! *

Anyway since all are micro four third user, it would be handy to share lens around. I brought my Olympus OM 50mm f1.4 and also 12mm f2 for this session and 14-54mm f2.8-3.5 II for food later. As some of you might know that I am preparing to jump to OM-D E-M1 once I got the money from my plantation farm and also invest on one of the Olympus prime lens. Was considering Olympus 75mm f1.8 at the beginning however after tested the Olympus 45mm f1.8 from Alex, I completely change my mind. It is a focal length that I shoot comfortability on street! Just like when I am using the OM 50mm f1.4! As Robin keep convince me, the 45mm is really a good buy. It is cheap, fast and also versatile. Thanks to Alex, I mount the 45mm on my camera most of the time for the shooting.

* Smoking *
* Phone *
* Stoning *
* Trying to play with the line as composition but guess it failed *

So yea, back to the main topic. It was my first time explored Masjid Jamek and I had no idea it has all the bazaar around. It was public holiday, hence less crowds around. Robin provide pretty good advice to me during the shooting as well as tips on how to approach stranger for a shot. I guess I shall practise more on this. You know one of my dream is to have a blog that full with human close up portrait that has their smile :D I hope I manage to make it happen..

* Capturing Robin when he is capturing me *

Nevertheless, it was a great morning session with the group. I can't wait myself getting the 45mm f1.8 before harvest money for OM-D E-M1! Let's hope I could get it by end of the year :)

* Pork chop from Yut Kee. My first time *

Monday, October 14, 2013

A Journey to Hong Kong Day 4 : Fisherman Village at Tai-O (大澳)

Click in if you haven't read my Journey to Hong Kong Day 4 Part 1.

So it is already day 4 in Hong Kong. Time flies! I have mix feeling at the beginning whether to visit Ngong Ping 360 and Tai-O or not because I knew it gonna takes one day tour to there and also it is far from the city. In the end we still decided to go. Grab a quick breakie from 7-11 which I seriously love their food so much LOL

Anyway, to accessed to Tai-O, firstly need to go through Ngong Ping. We took MTR to Tung Chung station, then walk abit to the cable car. At the cable car counter, you'll see difference packages available for both Ngong Ping and also Tai-O. We choose the cheapest package as we could since we did not came to travel luxuriously.. Well to be honest the price for foods here is over my estimation hence limit myself on spending luxuriously :(

So yea, we took the cable car! I don't recall when was my last time taking a cable car. It is freaking high! Not to mentioned it is hazy thanks to the rain. We are same cabin with a father and daughter who just around 5-7 years old. From their conversation, really can feel the love from a dad to his daughter. He took the effort and patient to answer all his daughter curiosity question during the journey. I am regret now that I did not take initiative to offer a photo for them. I can imagine their happy face :)

So yea back to the trip, we reach ngong ping after 30 min ride of cable car I think? Or less. I dont recall but mehh.. Ok it is Ngong Ping! But we are not visiting this place yet since we actually rushing to go Tai-O first due to the bus schedule. Clearly seen it is still raining heavily. Now I wish I have Olympus OM-D E-M5 pair with couple of weather sealed lens... LOL Anyway we took the bus near the Ngong Ping entrance and to Tai-O, which take around 20 minute driving.

So here we are! Tai-O! A fisherman village! A place where I first time witnessed real fisherman house that build on top of the sea! It really feel great and refreshing. The village itself not really big and easily explored. Man, I really wish I could come back and do a series of photography fisherman catching fish! It would be epic documentary :D For that I need Olympus OM-D E-M1 + weather sealed lens! Another excuses to upgrade my camera LOLL :P

We had our lunch in one of the restaurant before decided to take the boat and tour around the island and also see dolphin. I think the lunch cost around $310.. sigh this is what exactly I am talking about food price in HK...

So yea it is island tour time with the motor boat! Unfortunately my camera is not fast enough to captured them but my eye did witnessed them for real! We saw pink color dolphin too!

Don't ask me the how does the General Rock look like a human shaped General. I hardly visualize it until today.

Overall, it is a very satisfying trip to Tai-O. It is very beautiful village with friendly people around. Really wish I could spend more time here and do street shooting.

Anyway, we head back to Ngong Ping next and meet the buddha!

More photo in my Jackie A Journey Called Jloi Facebook Page :)