Monday, October 28, 2013

Hey, Monday!

Another unproductive last week in my own blog. Seriously I just couldn't bring myself to blog when I am tired, mentally and physically. So, I started to salute my old self and you all who can update blog everyday. Come to think of it, nothing interesting happened to me this month. Mostly focused on my client project and has no time for me, myself and I.. Well except I manage to have a short trip to Ipoh with friends on last weekend courtesy of Honda. Thanks God I am not into car much. Poison manage to resisted eventhough the Civic Hybrid are nice to drive! Ok CR-Z are even better! I shall blog about this trip after my busy week over!

October ending soon. I promised that I will complete all my HK trips before end of October but unfortunately I gotta postpone it till early next month. Reason being was stated above, I am tired and busy. Doing freelance in this whole month has taught me pretty couple of things in dealing with client though I am very sure I just show my grumpy face in front of them on today meeting :/ Life not easy. Earning money also never be easy. Gotta work hard! Hope can complete the project ASAP and I can concentrate looking for a job.

* Anticipating the new Olympus OM-D E-M1! *

I am slowly turning my blog direction into something else because I am getting tired and bored the ordinary life as blogger. Hopefully can fully concentrate on that starting next year :) What it is? Well it may be up to you to guess and judge. Honestly, I don't even know anymore do I have reader in my blog :P Or my blog is slowly die and left my own syiok sendiri-ness? LOL