Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Masjid Jamek Explorer

* Old cinema *

It feel so good that today is public holiday! It has been time! Oh waittt I thought I am on holiday since.. few months back? Beat me I am still unemployed and walking to the unknown path of future.. piff Nevertheless, manage to woke up early today to had some shooting session with friends. Of course, all are Olympus micro four third user like me :P Suddenly feel proud for knowing so many hardcore Olympus supporter.

* Look up? *
* Bored *

Recently, there are few friends came and ask me about which camera they should get. To be honest, I am not a correct guy to ask and I tend to be bias, you know I will ask you choose Olympus in the end! For me, once I decided to go into interchangeable lens, there are few things I always consider - camera AF speed, camera buttons layout, lens choices and image quality. No, I don't give a damn on flip screen, WiFi or NFC though it wouldn't hurt to have. I always advices my friends that it doesn't matter, most cameras in market nowdays are great camera. In the end it is always about yourself which camera you're comfortable and happy with.

Looks like I derailed from the topic... Opss!

* Testing the Olympus 45mm f1.8 sharpness with Carmen as subject *
* My first close up approached on stranger! *

Anyway since all are micro four third user, it would be handy to share lens around. I brought my Olympus OM 50mm f1.4 and also 12mm f2 for this session and 14-54mm f2.8-3.5 II for food later. As some of you might know that I am preparing to jump to OM-D E-M1 once I got the money from my plantation farm and also invest on one of the Olympus prime lens. Was considering Olympus 75mm f1.8 at the beginning however after tested the Olympus 45mm f1.8 from Alex, I completely change my mind. It is a focal length that I shoot comfortability on street! Just like when I am using the OM 50mm f1.4! As Robin keep convince me, the 45mm is really a good buy. It is cheap, fast and also versatile. Thanks to Alex, I mount the 45mm on my camera most of the time for the shooting.

* Smoking *
* Phone *
* Stoning *
* Trying to play with the line as composition but guess it failed *

So yea, back to the main topic. It was my first time explored Masjid Jamek and I had no idea it has all the bazaar around. It was public holiday, hence less crowds around. Robin provide pretty good advice to me during the shooting as well as tips on how to approach stranger for a shot. I guess I shall practise more on this. You know one of my dream is to have a blog that full with human close up portrait that has their smile :D I hope I manage to make it happen..

* Capturing Robin when he is capturing me *

Nevertheless, it was a great morning session with the group. I can't wait myself getting the 45mm f1.8 before harvest money for OM-D E-M1! Let's hope I could get it by end of the year :)

* Pork chop from Yut Kee. My first time *


michleong said...

So..how to approach stranger for a photo?

Wanted to do some street photography in KL,..but like scared got snatch theft. lol

Jackie Loi said...

@Michelle best dont go alone..get 2-3 more felor follow u :)

How to approach? just be natural and shoot. Don't afraid to ask for permission when needed. If they reject then just smile and move away lor. pandai pandai see also if that felor look garang and bad mood then dun go ask.. haha

Robin Wong said...

Amazing photos Jackie, and I am sure you will be able to better utilize the 45mm F1.8 for street shooting!

Wah sudah expert in shooting strangers!