Monday, October 21, 2013

New Companion

So, my blog once again grow spider web. Geez hate myself for not able to blog when I am stress over my job. Mind just completely focused on works and laziness to blog born. So how's my life? Nothing much to shout. Still handling client project which the events gonna take place on next Thursday. Due to this, I don't have chance to go Thailand to accompanied my gf where she will return next Friday. Oh well, good luck to myself! This week is a critical week for the project and I afraid I don't have much time to blog :(

Nevertheless, I bought something for myself yesterday. Felt like I spend alot money since the beginning of the months till now piff.. So yea it is Olympus 45mm f1.8 lens! Like finally I invest on another prime lens. Felt very lucky to be able to get cheap deal as used unit. I almost go to buy a new unit because I know it is hard to get second hand for 45mm. However I told myself be patient and keep calm. Jeng! I guess it is sorta God bless for me to be able found nice deal. Alright, gotta shoot more with 45mm now and get familiarize with the lens. Next step, Olympus OM-D E-M1! Opss actually there is another thing coming soon all the way from Thailand ;)

Was supposingly start my training at one of the 3D studio today but got some unfortunate news that training won't be start anytime soon as long as the fund wasn't get approval. FML! Waited for a month for the fund approval and yet no sound at all from the party. I already gave up waiting for this job and immediately sent my resume to Nuffnang. Fuh feel like challenging on job that I had zero experience. Well that's it if I am call for interview and got the job :/ or else I need to re-look it again..uh I has been jobless for three months...