Friday, October 04, 2013

Quarter Life

Well, seem like I started to abandon my blog again. Sorry! I been really busy with job! Client been chasing here and there. Guess really not easy doing freelances. Nevertheless, it is October. One of my favourite month in calendar and 3 more months to go before the end of year 2013. Time really goes too fast.

If you guys ask me why I like October, of course it is because of my birthday! and Octoberfest maybe? :P So yea, my birthday. Nothing much to shout. Don't remember since when I started to do not expect anything on my own birthday. Of course, last year was good thanks to friends throwing some surprise for me ;) This year seem like usual. GF did celebrate with me secretly in advance. Parent bought the same cake for me for the past few years to celebrate with me as well. Not that I hate the cake, perhaps I should advice them change to other cake in future.

Manage to meet up with my aunt yesterday at her work place and she insisted to treat me for lunch as to celebrate my birthday. We went to Skippy Pizza as suggested by her since she said she never try before. I couldn't reject that offer well you know, it is pork afterall :P Ordered their signature Pork Chop and also 9" Meat Lover pizza that full with pork.

The Pork Chop abit too dry and thick. Taste is there but the texture and chewing sensation not so pleasant. The pizza is great! I have no complain. Thanks to my aunt again for treating me lunch :) I shall treat her back when I got new job.. which coming soon hopefully.

Sometimes in my life things come and go pretty fast. In a blink of eye, I just let go my HTC One. Don't get me wrong, it is still an awesome phone. One of the best Android I ever used and the Sense 5 UI is really perfect. Reason I selling it because I am itchy for some good camera on phone. The ultrapixel is good, but the 4mp still had limitation.

So yea, sell off my HTC One, got the money, used Sony Xperia Neo as my temporarily phone then only come to realization I don't have enough money to purchase my next phone. FML. Thus, been using my Xperia Neo for 2 days until miracle happened that I got cheap offer of Sony Xperia Z1.

Finally, I am back to Sony again after lurking around with other phone brands for a years plus and skipping the Xperia Z. I will do review on the Sony Xperia Z1, so stay tune!

I am officially on quarter life now. Things will start to look difference now with and alot thing will start changing. Cough at least someone just pointed out the first thing I changed is my phone hahaha. Oh well, gotta work hard! So, Happy Birthday to myself and thanks for everyone who wishes me throw difference platform! I'll try to update my blog whenever I am free. At the moment, I an busy earning money to get Olympus OM-D E-M1!

I will be going Nuffnang Foodfest tmrw. Say hi to me if you see me or if you're my reader, just come and say hi. Don't worry I don't bite. I might be more shy than you.


Charmaine Pua Li Ping said...

LOL it's funny that u get the same cake every year XD