Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Journey to Hong Kong Day 6 : Blake Pier & Jumbo Kingdom

Click in if you haven't read my Journey to Hong Kong Day 5 part 2.

After some crazy full day out at HK Disneyland, on day 6 me and deary wanna do something simple and easy. More or less just for sight seeing and new place explorer. Then again, we woke up late, feel hungry and gonna grab our brunch. I suggested to have KFC. Well, I saw alot Mc Donald around in HK but seriously I hardly see any KFC. Feeling adventurous, we took out the tourist map provided by our guest house and look for KFC. Finally we found one nearby Mong Kok. So yeap! Time for KFC craving!

They have difference menu here which is Italiano Pizza Chicken which actually taste very sweet and more to tomato. The meal set come with $35.50 and also $37.90 that come with rice.

When I was about to grab my first chicken to bite, I felt pressure from people around me. They actually did not eat KFC with their barehand but instead the put a plastic glove on their hand. So hygienic!

Done our lunch, we went back to a location that we missed it last time, Starbuck Bing Sutt!

I love the interior. Very classic! Like those old Hong Kong Char Chan Teng (coffee shop) feel inside. The table, the chair and even the fan look classic!

* The Rustic Bun with Thick Cut Butter *
* Coffee Egg Tart *

We ordered coffee egg tart and also the rustic bun with thick cut butter. Was expecting the Egg tart at least on par with other egg tart shop around HK but it was a bit disappointed. The coffee taste not as heavy as I expected despite that's the flavour for it. The rustic bun with thick cut butter nothing much to shout too. It was alright.

Done our high tea, we went to our next destination, Causeway Bay for sea sight seeing! But unfortunately we didn't manage to get down from bus on time and instead, we drop off at Stanley market. Behind the Stanley Market is Blake Pier, a very nice chilling place with sea and also bazaar around. Even saw alot people took wedding photos there. Yes I know my watermark spell Blake wrongly...

A little history of Blake Pier I got from Wikipedia - The Black Pier name originally referred to Blake Pier, Central, a ferry pier in Central, Hong Kong. The pier was named after Sir Henry Arthur Blake, the twelfth governor of Hong Kong. It was originally located at the site of the Central Reclamation Phase 1 project. The top structure of the pier was later transferred to the open-air oval theatre in Morse Park, in between Wong Tai Sin and Lok Fu, Kowloon. In 2006, the structure was once again transferred next to the Murray House in Stanley, itself dismantled brick by brick and relocated from Central. The pier was recommissioned in Stanley on 31 July 2007.

So yea, more pics of the Blake Pier. Damn love my 7-14mm f4 lens for ulra wide! :D

Done with Blake Pier, we went to out next destination by bus, Jumbo Kingdom, a floating restaurant! I just get to know the Jumbo Kingdom is the shooting location for Stephen Chow old movie, The God of Cookery.

Nop we didn't dine in there. Too luxury for my budget in yea fml. Just went in to took pics around and chow LOL

Instead of dining in Jumbo Kingdom, we went back to Central for dinner. We went to Tsim Chai Kee Noodle 沾仔記 for their famous Wantan Noodle!

* Fresh Sliced Beef Noodle $23 *

We ordered Fresh Sliced Beef Noodle and it is no doubt good! Big wantan size, nice and tasty sliced beef and pair with great soup. Finally some Hong Kong food I felt is nice beside the Cheese Pork Noodle at Sun Kee Restaurant.

Shop B, G/F Jade Centre
98 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong

We wanna go for next round which is Mak's Noodle but unfortunately they already closed shop. Still feeling hungry, we search around nearby for foods to eat and we stumble upon this shop, Kiu Heung Yuan, which claim to be Yunnan made Rice Noodle.

I couldn't read the chinese menu so FML. But basically the ordering is pretty simple. You can ordered a bowl of noodle as basic and top up as much as you want for the extra ingedients such as meat, vegetable etc. You can also choose the level of spiciness of the noodle.

* Yunnan Rice Noodle $29++ *

I love the noodle. The noodles are springy and plentiful. Same goes to the pork neck (extra topping) which very juicy and meaty! Another awesome noodles I had in HK. Also, I enjoy the way I am freely able to customized my foods.

91 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong

That's all my Day 6 in Hong Kong. It is rather a plain and simple way to spend. The next post gonna be my final post in Hong Kong. Pheww finally I finished blog about it after delayed it like for almost 4 months LOL.. Guess I just sucks writing travel post. Beat me.