Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Ipoh Foods Explorer - Burps & Giggles, Thean Chun Restaurant & Nam Chau Coffee Shop

Honestly I never though of exploring foods in Ipoh. All I know is Ipoh only famous for kai si hor fun (chicken shred with hor fun), nga choi kai (bean sprout chicken) and white coffee. Since this time around I am guided by experiences people who been to Ipoh few times, I get to tried new foods. If you wonder when did I went to Ipoh, it was last few weeks with Honda Family Road Trip and other bloggers.

Our first stop was Burps & Giggles, recommended by Charmaine. One reason what's make this place so attractive and special are the decoration. Alot recycle and antique stuffs can be found in this shop.

They specialist in selling burgers and pinchos! Being burger lover, of course I'll choose the best burger in their menu which is BAM BAM burger that has wagyu pattie which cost RM28. Unfortunately the ordered came wrongly without myself realizing it after eating half way. Yes I suck!

* Poulet RM16 *
* Greeko RM18 *

The Greeko came instead. So being no choice, I just accepted it. The greeko came with Lamb patty (I fail to differenciate the lamb and beef taste..I failed!), cheese, red pepper, onions, olives and mint yoghurt. Apart the burger look messy with the onions, the burger taste just alright. Probably lack of sauce is one of the reason since it is abit dry. The bun is soft also. Seriously, KL has more much better burger joints now that growing up like mushroom.

Oh well, we move on to next location, Thean Chun Restaurant for their kai si hor fun and also custard egg. Since I am still hungry from the meal earlier, I ordered kai si hor fun and finished the bowl myself together with the custard egg.

* Custard Egg *

My first time eating custard egg! It is sweet, smooth and awesome! I can't describe how awesome it is when I got my first spoon on it. Definitely love it so much! Do KL have this? :D

* Ipoh Hor Fun *

Next, kai si hor fun which are worth mentioning too! Claimed to be one of the best in Ipoh and I gotta admit it is. The soup based are made by prawn which bring pretty good flavours overall. Now, this is why I know kai si hor fun is famous in Ipoh.

On next day morning after we all check out hotel, we went to have our breakfast at Nam Chau Coffee Shop.

* A cup of white coffee is a must when in Ipoh though I doubt is there any difference with KL *

They are famous for curry noodle and with no hesitation, I ordered one for myself.

* Curry Noodle *

Honestly not the best curry noodle I ever had. In KL/PJ there are much more better curry noodle. Anyway, it is not bad itself. Just I been pampered by one of the best curry noodle I ever had so far in Kota Damansara.

Done our breakfast, we are ready to departed back to KL. We still manage to stop by Funny Mountain for the best tau fu fah and tau jeong sui (Soy drink). This is my first time seeing a drive through tau fu fah shop. You will notice alot car are queuing up to buy the tau fu fah and there will be a guy or girl came over to your car and grab your orders. The idea is great since that area is pretty hard to get parking and you'll wanna waste your time just to get a parking and then just to buy a tau fu fah wouldn't you? :P

No don't have tau fu fah and tau jeong sui photo since I am driving, no time to capture photos. No worry, I'll be going Penang this weekend for marathon and let's see if I manage to drop by Ipoh again to eat again their awesome foods. So be sure to check out my instagram at I created Dayre account also recently. I'll have alot short blog incoming on that site! So stay tune on yes I manage to get /jackie for myself! :P