Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Faces in Chow Kit market

* Don't smoke and ride *

It is public holiday again today! Woke up early in the morning and join the Shutter Therapist group for some shooting. We have a quick breakfast at Kin Kin Restaurant before heading to our shooting location, Chow Kit market.

* Catch it! *
* Hobby? *

Brought along my newly gained Yashica FX-3 super 2000 as well for some testing and real life experiences using fully mechanical manual camera. As I expected, it is never easy especially when come to ISO limitation. Well, I shall talk more about this after I developed the film roll and blog about it. I am pretty sure photo will turn out badly :/ oh well.. experiences

* One of my favourite shot of the day. The lighting filling on his face just right *
* Price tag *

I am given 75mm f1.8 this time around instead of shooting with 45mm f1.8. I have to admit that luckily I did not get the 75mm but 45mm instead. Don't get me wrong! The lens is very very really good and sharp! The only thing I couldn't accept is the focal length. 75mm is too tight! We are shooting in Chow Kit market and the place is tight. So yea, lens tight, place tight, hence my framing also tight. Then I told myself that it is my chance to just get headshot around for facial expression instead of playing with composition. Thus, this post photos all mainly focus on human faces shot by Olympus 75mm f1.8.

* Sharpness in 75mm in f1.8! *

I had to admit I am still not steady enough handling the lens. The market is abit dark in the indoor and I am force to push my camera ISO to 800 to shoot. But then again the shutter hardly reach my desirable value hence most of my shot turn out hand shake blur.. I wonder will the problem fix if I am handling Olympus E-M5, E-P5 or E-M1 which came with 5-Axis image stabilization :P

Overall, great experience with 75mm except it is being too tight and not suitable for the location today. Would be better if I use my 45mm f1.8. Oh well, I guess shooting headshot only wouldn't be that bad also right except those pics came out need really to be sharp. I need practise more!


Carmen Hong said...

You couldn't use your 45mm because I stole it from you. OPS. :/ Haha, love the pictures anyway, the 75mm is lovely.

Jackie Loi said...

@carmen nah just my excuses. I actually brought my 14-54mm f2.8-3.5 also just I lazy use :P

Robin Wong said...

Some beautiful shots, Jackie. You are getting better with street portraits! Keep it up, and surely shoot more!

Jackie Loi said...

@robin thanks robin. Will keep shooting and experiment difference things :)

John Ragai said...

Hi Jackie,
Love those street portrait which were nicely taken. You guys really make me itchy for the new lens as now I am still with my kit lens.
Have a great weekend.
John Ragai

Jackie Loi said...

hey john, thanks for your kind words :) I believe kit lens can do wonder too except it can't have bokeh or depth of field. If you really itch for some cheap and good lens, 45mm f1.8 is great :D