Monday, November 04, 2013

Honda Hybrid Family Road Trip: A Journey to Ipoh

* My Honda Civic Hybrid.. I wish *

Finally! A time for me, myself and I to blog! If you saw my Instagram, I went for a short trip to Ipoh courtesy of Honda Malaysia. It would be my first time driving other car than Myvi and not to mention, it is Hybrid car! I am blessed to get Civic Hybrid from Honda Malaysia and the color just simply stunning & gorgeous!

* Awesome looking dashboard! *

Not gonna compare my Myvi with this car. It is far aparts in terms of everything. The Honda Civic Hybrid is big in size, larger interior which is very comfy inside and also awesome engine sound that nearly zero. Alright I'll talk more about the hybrid car when we go along the post ;)

Most of us bloggers stop by at Rawang R&R for a quick breakfast before start our journey to Ipoh. Heard that this is a must try Nasi Lemak. Not bad and wouldn't mind to have another one if I didn't get my breakfast earlier at home.

Done eating breakfast, we actually stop by nearest petrol station for some photo session with the cars. You know, being bloggers, photos is a must. In addition of video as well now. I am the driver of the day in Ipoh since my partner, Boni would love to drive on the next day.

So yea, we reach Ipoh after almost 2 hours driving - I didn't speed! Safety and follow the rules come first k? :P Eventhough I admit I do tempted to step more on the oil pedal to speed. There was once the car already on 160km/h speed without me realizing it. What can I say? It is damn steady car that I don't even have feel when the car already speed at 160km/h.

Alright back to the topic. We reach Ipoh and the first stop we are heading is the Tesco for the Honda roadshow. There are few activities going on in the roadshow such as car exhibition, test drive session, games, eco green bazaar and performances from local artists at night time. Check out my Instavideo for the Honda milestone in achieving eco green technology.

Oh wait, did some of you wondering what is hybrid car means? To put it simple, hybrid mean 2 or more things combine become one. In this case, Honda hybrid car is powered by an engine and assisted by an electric motor. Is that means it save petrol? YES! That's it if you remember to click on the ECON green button in your car :P That's the reason why Honda hybrid is a eco friendly car. Dont worry, the electric motor will recharge the battery whenever you step on the break. Good for during jam period huh? :P

The Honda's i-VTEC engine is assisted by an Intelligent Motor Assist (IMA) to generate powerful acceleration and impressive performance as well. Now that explain how I can speed until 160km/h without realizing it. Opss

Done with the roadshow, few of us tempted to visit some heritage area around Ipoh. Honestly, I dunno Ipoh have so many heritage places! The journey to Ipoh this time around it pretty fresh and new for me. Not to mention awesome foods! I will blog about it in saperate post :P

Went to the temple nearby and it catch my attention quickly. I always love to visit temple because it is a symbol and proved of existing of a religion. Too bad I couldn't read Chinese or else I really can stay there whole day learning the history and etc. Good job for them too for preserving all this heritage places for so long. Nah, don't worry we can contribute too in preserving the environment by start getting yourself... ourself a hybrid car! Save fuel, less pollution, greener environment! Sound like a good idea right? ;)

We went to visit Kellie Castle too. Another heritage building that worth visit if you never been to there.

Awesome landscape and architecture around there! Wouldn't mind to have some photoshooting session at there or even my wedding photo maybe? Haunted? Nah don't really care as long as the environment are preserved and well taken care.

Unfortunately we couldn't visit next location as we rushing back to the roadshow for performances on night time.

First time listening Danny One & Gina live. Just suddenly feel good when Danny One decided to sing "Love & Freedom" where I also followed him to sing along. He forgot the lyrics though.

The only song I like from Gina is "Forever". Well who care, Jing Ling is cute :3

Overall, awesome experience with Honda Civic Hybrid! If may be not as fast as Honda CRZ, but it is more spacious and ideal for people who love to car pool. Well, more specious = can fit 5 people = car pool = can save petrol + is hybrid car = save environment! Ok I got an awesome logic here because I already tempted to get one Civic Hybrid for myself. Oh did I mentioned that I actually got the car on Friday with full tank and when returning the car on Sunday after back from Ipoh, the petrol tank still got around 15-20% petrol left? I never pump the petrol at all this 3 days and I am very sure I used alot in Ipoh during hunting foods around with friends. If I remember correct the petrol consumption is around 15-14km per litre.

So if you wanna test drive a Honda Hybrid for 3 days 2 nights, just register yourself at It is FREE of charge as long as you own a valid MyKad and Driving Licence!Yayyyy to Honda, the power of dreams!

For more information about HONDA, visit or

All photos taken with Olympus E-P3, Olympus 12mm f2 and also Olympus 45mm f1.8. More photo in my Jackie A Journey Called Jloi Facebook Page :)