Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Journey to Hong Kong Day 5 : DisneyLand

Click in if you haven't read my Journey to Hong Kong Day 5 part 1.

Weee finally is time for Disneyland!! Left my main shooter at hotel and only brought along Sony Cyber-Shot HX50V. It was my first time visit Disneyland. Thanks god the weather is good and did not rain. But then it is too hot that can easily burn our skin and get cancer then die. LOL just joking. Anyway, we took MTR straight to Disneyland and as expected, people mountain people sea and mainly #youknowwhoarethey.

* It is too hot that deary need two umbrella at once *

Got our entry pass pretty fast and we only need queue around 20 mins before manage to go in. Heee spot my favourite cartoon character in the entry pass! Woody and Jessie for me and deary ;)

Feeling curious on everything, we actually tried to spend as minimal time to queue up as possible for every spot we went. The first spot we went was the Monster University. Which I actually feel a little bit get cheated by the things inside. Nothing much to shout it just a decoration of the university interior with two Mike and Sulley figures there. The two figures actually available in some of Malaysia cinema during Monster University screening. Oh well, I am queuing up for more than 30 mins just to take pic with Mike and Sulley LOL

* Jump shot is a must hehe *

More photos of the Disneyland. Started to regret did not bring along my main shooter for the wide angle lens...

* Fast pass machine *

Next we went the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters for some ride and shooting game. Pretty entertaining except it is dark inside and being half blind me hardly aim and shoot LOL.. Oh btw I am impressed with the Buzz Lightyear facial simulation. I think it was projected. Damn I should have bring my glasses so that I can see clearly.

After that we went to the castle nearby which is "It's a small world" attraction. They have a ride inside there and all are about the small worlds and mostly are festival around the world.

We also went to "The Golden Mickey" queue for the show. It was interesting and entertaining but I do hate the cantonese speak by the emcee LOL

Done with the show, we went to have our lunch inside there. Well, expensive and not nice foods :/ piff

Took a boat ride to Tarzan house too but nothing interesting there.

* Mystic Manor. Superb ride experience in with awesome visual effect! *
* failed 3D LOL *
* A must visit to experience 4D cinema *
* Our donald duck colored 3D glasses *
* Hehe finally a photo of me with Woody *

More and more photos white I din bother to take much anymore because I am saving the battery for the last act, Firework!

One of my favourite musical performance in Disneyland definitely the Lion King show. It just simply amazing that I couldn't find other words to describe it!

Lastly, firework at Disneyland! Blazing up to the sky none stop with musical playing none stop for almost more than 10 minutes. It just beautiful :D

Overall, nice experience in Disneyland as first timer but I doubt I'll return again. Unless, it is less crowds and I don't need to spend my time queue for more than 1 hour for each rides.

Anyway, there are alot videos that I haven't upload and share but I would love to share the Disneyland at here to you all :D Enjoy!

More photo in my Jackie A Journey Called Jloi Facebook Page :)