Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Manmaru Homemade Udon @ Mid Valley Review


Courtesy to Ah Bok, I am invited to Manmaru Homemade Udon restaurant last night at Mid Valley. It is easily to spot since it located in between Machine and Samsung store. Now, if you're craving for some cheap and satisfying Udon, I highly recommended Manmaru. The served fresh & authentic udon and the restaurant itself running self service concept. Total 10 types of udon for selection and also six side dishes ranging from RM8.90 - RM15.90 for udon.


We came in a large group and glad we manage to try out all the Udons in the menu :D

* Kimchi Udon RM11.90 (S) / RM13.90 (L) *

Kimchi Udon is korean style spicy noodle soup. I am not a huge fans of kimchi but I gotta give credit to Manmaru for making excellence kimchi soup on this noodle. The soup is creamy enough and it wasn't exactly spicy too.

* Curry Udon RM10.90 (S) / RM12.90 (L) *

One of my favouriye gonna be Curry Udon. I love traditional Japanese curry because it wasn't spicy in the same time heavy tasty flavours. The curry in Manmaru is just nice, not too thick not too watery. Thumb up!

* Cream Corn Udon RM12.90 (S) / RM14.90 (L) *

Cream Corn Udon sauce just like creamy pasta sauce. It is creamy and not too watery too. Nothing much to shout.

* Niku Udon RM12.90 (S) / RM14.90 (L) *

Niku Udon is a hot udon soup with then sliced beef and spinach. The beef meat is tender and fresh! A must order for beef lover.

* Kake Udon RM8.90 (S) / RM10.90 (L) *

Kake Udon is the classic soy udon serving where you can see in most Japanese restaurant. It just taste alright and nothing much to shout.

* Kamaage Udon RM12.90 *

My first time seeing Kamaage Udon. It is an udon that you have to eat by dipping it (not pouring the sauce!) inside the sauce known as Kamaage. It is one of the traditional udon eating style in Japan.

* Ume Udon RM10.90 (S) / RM12.90 (L) *

Ume Udon is a refreshing udon served with pickled plum. It is sour based soup so maybe girl will like it? :P

* Bukake Udon RM9.90 (S) / RM11.90 (L) *

Dont think dirty, Bukake Udon is a cold udon with thick fish broth. As much as I hate easting soup based noodle, I don't think I like my noodle served in cold too :/ but hey don't get me wrong, the taste is good but still weird eating noodle that cold.

* Zaru Udon RM8.90 (S) / RM10.90 (L) *

Zaru Udon also a cold udon that topped with shredded nori (edible seaweed) and served on a zaru, a sieve-like bamboo tray. No idea what's the sauce is but according to google it is strong mixture of dashi, mirin, and shoyu.

* Kamo Seiro Udon RM13.90 (S) / RM15.90 (L) *

Kamo Seiro Udon is a cold soba noodles with hot duck gravy. Duck lover should really try this udon!

Managed to have some side orders too courtesy of the Manmaru CEO. Nothing much to shout, everything is taste good and just nice.



Overall, good experience dining in Manmaru. The interior lighting is bright enough (I am sick of dim lighting restaurant) and the service is fast.

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I went back makan again. Food is still good :D