Thursday, November 14, 2013

Sony Malaysia PlayStation Press Conference

I know everyone has been waiting for this moment! Waiting for PlayStation 4 to be official in Malaysia! Worry not! I shall covered all I can in this blog post from the info I get from today Sony Malaysia PlayStation Press conference!

The press conference started with greeting from emcee, Jeremy Teoh, followed up by Mr Hiroyuki Oda for the product announcement!

The new PlayStation®Vita (PS Vita) Wi-Fi model (PCH-2006 series) will become available in Malaysia from December 6, 2013. The recommended retail price (RRP) is RM859.

The new PS Vita system, featuring a more streamlined form factor and an 1GB internal memory card, is 20-percent slimmer and 15-percent lighter than the original version, making the portable entertainment system even easier to carry. In addition, a high-definition liquid crystal display (LCD) has been newly adopted for the 5-inch front display which is one of the PS Vita’s greatest features. Thanks to the rapid progress of LCD technology in recent years, the new display provides users with the highest-level image quality, perfect for deep and immersive gaming experience that is at the core of PS Vita. The new PS Vita system will come in six different colors of “Black”, “White”, “Lime green/White”, “Light blue/White”, “Pink/Black” and “Khaki/Black” to meet a variety of lifestyle and preferences for all ages.

Concurrently with the launch of the new PS Vita system on December 6, a new line-up of peripherals will be released, including the PS Vita Soft Case, PS Vita Cradle with Cable, and PS Vita Protective film, further enhancing the entertainment experience for PS Vita users.

Today Sony Malaysia also announced PlayStation®Vita TV (PS Vita TV), a new entertainment system within the PlayStation® family, is confirmed to hit the Malaysian market on January 16, 2014. The recommended retail price (RRP) is MYR469 The “PS Vita TV Value Pack”, bundled with Wireless Controller (DUALSHOCK®3) will also be available on the same day at RRP of MYR689.

Since its unveiling in September 2013, PS Vita TV has become one of the most expected products. PS Vita TV is a new entertainment system within the PlayStation® family that will allow users to easily access various content on their TV at home. The new system adopts chip sets and system software of the PlayStation®Vita (PS Vita) portable entertainment system and its size is 6.5cm × 10.5cm, smallest of all PlayStation® platforms that connect to a TV.

PS Vita TV allows users to enjoy more than 600 software titles for PS Vita*1, and PlayStation®Plus membership service can be enjoyed on the system. SCE will deliver PlayStation® experience available on PS Vita TV through system software updates and by enriching the content, to existing PlayStation® fans, as well as those who have not experienced PlayStation® products.

Main features of the PS Vita TV system are as follows:

Vast lineup of software titles
PS Vita TV offers a vast lineup of 600 software titles*1 from PS Vita games, PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) games and PlayStation® games from PSOne classics, including all-time favorites to the latest blockbuster titles like GOD EATER 2 (NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc.) and SOUL SACRIFICE DELTA (Sony Computer Entertainment).

PlayStation®4 (PS4™) remote play
As with PS Vita, PS Vita TV will also support PS4™ remote play and Wireless Controller (DUALSHOCK®4) through future system software updates*2. This will allow users to enjoy most of the PS4™ games on PS Vita TV as if they are playing it on the PS4™ system.

Fun and Unique features of PS Vita TV

  • PS Vita TV users can play games with PS Vita users via Ad Hoc mode. Those users who are not playing but in the same room can enjoy the televised game play that the PS Vita TV users are playing.
  • Up to 2 DUALSHOCK®3 controllers can be connected to PS Vita TV, allowing users to enjoy multiplayer games from PS One classics titles.
  • Videos stored within Memory Card or those videos being played on the “Browser” of the PS Vita system*3 can easily be transferred to PS Vita TV to be viewed on the large TV screen. While being transferred, PS Vita can be used as a remote controller using the video player application.

Finally, the long awaiting PlayStation®4 (PS4™) (CUH-1006A B01)! It will be launched in Malaysia on December 20, 2013 at a suggested retail price of RM1,799. On the same day, 3 bundle sets, each consists of a PS4 system and a selected PS4 title or PlayStation®Camera (PS Camera), will hit Malaysia market. Pre-order will start from tomorrow (November 15) and run until December 13, 2013 at all Sony Stores, Sony Store online ( and Focus Stores. Customers who pre-order the PS4 system or the selected bundle sets can receive up to 2-month PlayStation®Plus membership and RM20 PSN Money Voucher.

PS4 is a next generation computer entertainment system that redefines rich and immersive gameplay with powerful graphics, speed, deeply integrated social capabilities and innovative second-screen features utilizing devices such as PlayStation®Vita (PS Vita). By utilizing PS Camera, users can expand gaming ways of PS4 and enjoy different gaming experience. Therefore, on the launch day of PS4, SCEH will launch a value bundle set of PS4 and PS Camera. Users can play “THE PLAYROOM”, preinstalled to all PS4, to enjoy Augmented Reality content via PS Camera.

Twenty-three launch flame titles will be concurrently launched with PS4. In addition, Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong Limited (SCEH) has selected 2 software titles, Battlefield 4™ (Electronic Arts Inc) and Killzone™: Shadow Fall (Sony Computer Entertainment) to be included as PS4 bundle sets and all of these sets will be available at an attractive price and in limited quantity.

Furthermore, a wide range of peripherals for PS4 will also be launched on the same day such as the colour variation for PS4 Wireless Controller (DUALSHOCK®4) in “Magma Red” and “Wave Blue”, PlayStation®Camera, DUALSHOCK®4 Charging Station and PS4 Vertical Stand.

If only I have money to get PS4 T.T It is so tempting and fun!! Arghhh


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