Monday, November 18, 2013

Weekend Foods Gateway : Ipoh & Penang

I have a fruiteful last weekend! Got myself a new camera! An upgrade that I been waiting for long! :D Then on Sat both me and Ken headed to Penang for Penang Bridge Marathon that just held yesterday morningn while Sherlynn is there as well just to tumpang to go back Penang. Both of us join 10KM and honestly I pretty happy with my result this time. It is slow but I manage to pull out the consistency of my speed. I hate running to be honest but this is once in a while stuff that I force myself to do. If you wanna know more about my Marathon story, feel free to check out my Dayre :D I'll be update at there quite alot for those capalang random things.

Anyway bought new camera, first thing I did was left all the lenses in house and only brought Olympus 14-54mm f2.8-3.5 to Ipoh and Penang to test. Beside going for marathon, one of our aim was carboloading and Char Kuey Teow all the way. So first stop was Ipoh for breakfast and their white coffee!

Drop by Sin Yoon Loong for their white coffee. We ordered siu yuk and roti bakar as well in the shop.

* White Coffee *
* Roti Bakar *
* Siu Yuk RM 5 *

Nothing much to shout on the white coffee. It just like what we have here in KL. The Siu Yuk is awesome! The skin is crispy and crunchy!

Then we went next door, Sun Yuan Foong cafe for Chu Cheong Fan since it look tempting and nice.

* Chu Cheong Fun RM 3 *

I like the sauce! It is watery and sweet where the chu cheong fan I had in KL all are thick sauce and not as sweet as this. It had minced meat too to enhanced the chu cheong fan!

We also went to Thean Chun restaurant for Custard Egg and Funny Mountain for Tau Fu Fah. Surprisingly not much queue in the Funny Mountain but it was crowded in the Thean Chun. We waited for few minutes for seat just to eat Custard Egg. Wanna take the Hor Fun too but it seem like need to wait very very long.

* Custard Egg RM 2.30 *

* Tau Fu Fah RM 1.50 *

Done for breakfast, we continue our journey to Penang! After more than 2 hours journey with car moving slow, asshole lorry and truck on fast lane, asshole Mazda who literally trying to troll everyone on the road and jam in Penang bridge, finally we reach Queensbay mall. Parked the car and quickly rush to race kits collection points. There were alot people of course. Plus, it was at outdoor where sun really can burn people alive. Not to mentioned the management for the race kits collection sucks. We stuck there for almost 1.5 hours to collect our stuffs before move on to next carbo loading location.

Finally, the legendary Charcoal Char Kuey Teow! The uncle truck is located right opposite the Syarikat Pinang at Siam Road. Looking the way he use charcoal to cook the CKT really impressed me. Oh there were long queue too and we waited almost 1 hours to get our CKT to be tapao-ed. We ate in the car before heading to another location.

* Large CKT RM 5.50 *

I think because the uncle cook in the bulk, the taste seem not even. It also lack of the "wok hei". Not to mentioned my package don't have pork lard while Ken 1 has pifff.. Overall, nothing much to shout though Ken felt that it has potential to be better. Well every food do have potential don't they?

Next we head to Lorong Selamat as Ken wanna tried the uncle goggle ckt but unfortunately they had closed when we reached. Being no choice and still craving for CKT, we went to the Heng Huat Cafe for the CKT cooked by old lady.

* CKT Large RM8 without prawn *

While it has better "wok hei" compared with the charcoal CKT we ate earlier, it just feel a little plain overall. Oh they ran out of prawn too! Not to mentioned it is expensive for RM10 large where the portion nowhere near large to seem.

Done the CKT, we finally went to our hotel to check in and take a rest before have our dinner.

For dinner, we went to Dayumm Burger that located at Jalan Dato Keramat. The stall located inside Khoon Hiang Cafe. They have nothing in the menu except pork burgers that came in various combination. Both of us choose the Complete Dayumm where it came with Classic Dayumm (wholemeal bun + pork patty + Vege + Sauces) + Egg + Cheese + Bacon. We also took 6 pieces of meatballs.

* Complete Dayumm Burger RM 10 *
* Meatballs RM 6 for 6 pieces *

As all the positives review I saw before from Penang-lang in forum, the Dayumm Burger literally make me said "Dayumm!!" once I ate it. I love the bun! I love the pork patty too as it is tender and chewy! I believe all the patty are their own homemade. Same goes to the meatball where it basically the same meat from the pork patty where it came with the BBQ and cheese sauce. If only they have stall in KL! >,< It was rain heavily while we eating our burgers. Being no choice, we chill around until the rain slow down and we went to our final carbo loading location, Nasi Kandar Beratur where the only opened after 10pm.

I heard it always long queue but guess the rain save our ass. Amazed too on how people willing to queue and eat the Nasi Kandar since it only operated on 10pm. Isn't it sinful supper!??

* RM 10 *

Took a fried chicken and muttons and it cost RM10. Nothing much to comment since it pretty much the same price with KL here. The mutton is very tough and heavy tasted. Not my favourite though. While the fried chicken is as good as other Nasi Kandar can be. But I do enjoy the combination of curry sauces on the rice.

Done our dinner cum supper, we quickly head back to hotel and sleep since our run is gonna start at 6.30am. As I said, do check out my Dayre if you wanna know my marathon experiences. Other than that, here a photo of me with my medal :P My second 10 KM run which I have much better record than the last time. Done with the marathon, we quickly back to hotel to continue sleep. Man what a tiring weekend LOL

We checked out at 12pm and continue our carbo loading journey. We went to hunt the best Yau Char Kuai in Penang claimed by my friends. It located at Lorong Cintra on your left side in case you dunno. The shop don't have any signboard and only got number 76 above.

* YCK RM 1.20 each *

I gotta admit the YCK is very crispy even until 9pm that time it was still crispy! I dunno what sorcerer is this. But taste wise nothing much to shout. It was oily too.

After that, we stopped by Lorong Selamat again at Low Eng Hoo Restaurant for the uncle goggle CKT together with Ken another two friends. We need to wait for one hours for the CKY to be ready. While waiting for it, we ordered fried oyster and Ais Kacang as well.

* Ais Kacang RM 3.50 *
* Fried Oyster Large RM 16 *
* CKT RM 8 *

For me, this three foods is worth to eat when you're at Penang. Ask for no chilly for much better CKT taste if you're eating the uncle goggle one or else you're just literally taste chilly only. Air Kacang and Fried Oyster just alright but much better than in KL.

Finally, we went to Batu Lanchang market food court for Penang Pasembur where they claimed to be one of the best. I just learned that day that Pasembur is actually Rojak LOL

* Pasembur RM 5 *

It was prepared by Chinese. The sauce they use is almost the same taste as the usual black brown color we got except, they mix with pumpkin inside! Not to mentioned it was not as thick as the black brown sauce. For me, I like the Pasembur eventhough I not sure is there a better one in Penang. Anyone can recommend to me? :P

Done all our craving, we depart back to KL before the sun down and thanks God the traffic was pretty smooth. Had alot sinful meal in Penang that I think my 10KM run doesn't do any justice!