Tuesday, December 31, 2013

100 Doraemon Secret Gadgets Expo @ Viva Home




If you dunno about Doraemon, I can ensure you're not from my generation or older :P Anyway, finally Doraemon is in Malaysia! Heard it is much better than the #lowbudgetbutspenddamn7alot9moneyontheexpo one in Genting Highland on previous time. It cost RM25/ticket for adult.. ouch I am an adult huh :( But but but I still like Doraemon!! Still remember my very first comic that I pick up and read are Doraemon, in Malay version since I can't read Chinese. I used to have complete comic series of Doraemon except the cerita panjang.

* Mesin Cahaya Masa!! *
* Do you know that Doraemon was yellow to begin with? *


Curious on how Doraemon was born? Here the video!

What to expect in the expo? Doraemon, Doraemon and Doraemon everywhere! Ok just kidding. It is basically a little history of Doraemon, the gadgets that appeared in series/movie before, the town in the comic itself and of course some unforgeable moment/event that happened in Doraemon series before. Abit disappointed though that all the gadgets display doesn't have name and description on it. Or even better if they can put a little bit of comic strip to describe the gadgets usage.

* Woof *
* Door that everyone wish to have. Pintu Suka Hati! *
* The bread that I been dreaming to have when I am student... *
* Trying to rub the Genie out *

Of course, there are some interactive drawing or real life gadgets available for fun photography purposes.

* Managed to attend Nobita & Shizuka wedding *
* Air Gun! *
* Pintu Suka Hati again *
* Ouch *
* Poor deary getting scold from the vase uncle *
* Air gun again *
* Doraemon girlfriend? *
* Buluh Terbang! *
* Errr wireless phone? *
* Lampu besaran! *
* Hey I found the bread! *

There are some merchandise, cafe and event fun fair towards the end of the expo. They have the famous Doraemon snack, Dorayaki which IMHO overpriced. Don't even know it is authentic or not :(



Couldn't help myself but bought four collar pin of Doraemon! It is so cute!!


Overall, great expo for people who love Doraemon but I think the RM25 price it too expensive :( Guess it was holiday season too that cause too many people as well even on weekday. The expo will end on 24th March 2014, so don't miss your chance to meet Doraemon!

More photos in my Jackie A Journey Called Jloi Facebook Page :)

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Last week of 2013

So, everyone been saying last of this and that of year 2013. Probably this is my last post in 2013 as well? Looking my blog archive this month, it is very pathetic. This month alone alot things happening. My everyday lifestyle has been changed and I hardly had time to sit in front computer and blog. I am glad there are still people willing to read my pathetic blog until today. Thanks! I am slowing down in blogging lately due to my changed lifestyle as I mentioned earlier. No, not because of working but another personal issue which I am not gonna reveal here.. yet. What I am hoping now is miracle do happened and if miracle do happened, I really wouldn't mind my changed lifestyle be permanent.

Nevertheless, I been spending alot short update in Dayre recently. Thus for those who concern, you may check me out there :) Twitter and Facebook has been out of option for me to share my personal stuffs. Thanks for those who drop comment in my Dayre. Your support are what make me persistent until today.

Anyway, I feel like updating something so yea, here some short update and review on what's happening on me recently. Well mostly are about foods :P

My favourite restaurant, Andes Byo at Aman Suria are back after resting for renovation for few months. They changed owner, interior design and also menu as well. From a cosy home feeling decoration evolved to high class looking restaurant for leisure and coffee as well. I am glad they invited me for their soft launch last week and manage to tested some foods from their menu. Since it is not food review session, I shall hold my horse down on criticizing. Besides, they promised they'll improved.



* Awesome Muchroom soup! *
* Pigs in blanket *
* Andes Pork Burger *
* Rosemary Grilled Chicken *

Last Saturday was supposing went out with Deary for movie, Frozen. Unfortunately when we reach One Utama and almost enter the parking, she is not feeling well and requested to turn back to rest. After taking short nap, she begin asking me where for dinner LOL.. Craving for Japanese food, we went to Jyu Raku Japanese Restaurant at SS15. Expensive but high quality Japanese foods! Worth visiting but maybe occasionally for me.

* Soft Shell Crab Temaki RM 9 *
* Hotate Kushiyaki Shio RM 12 *
* Sushi (Sakura Bento RM 80) *
* Salmon (Sakura Bento RM 80) *
* Udon (Sakura Bento RM 80) *
* Sakura Bento RM 80 *
* Choco Monaka RM 12 *
* A happy stomach is a happy customer *

Robin came back from Japan last Sunday. Check out his Japan photos! I am jelly! So nice!! He managed to grab some souvenirs for few of us. Hence, me and Carmen decided to went out for a dinner with him while getting our stuffs since he is flying back to Kuching till new year. We dine in at Uncle R, Charcoal BBQ Restaurant at Sri Petaling. Awesome foods but we waited for almost an hour for our foods to be served. Well guess good companion can make time past very fast.

* Ramen and Kitkat! *
* Scrumptious Mixed Grill - Lamb, Beef & Chicken RM 26.90 *

On Christmas eve, deary suddenly get free half day leave. Finally, a movie with her. We watched Frozen at Paradigm mall. It was amazing!! Love the soundtrack and vocal by Idina Menzel.


* Panorama in Paradigm Mall *
* Christmas, Bear or Me? *

Since it was Christmas eve, a dinner with the love one is a must. From Chicken Chop at SS3, till Suki-Ya and finally we changed our mind and dine in at Pasta Zanmai. Not really a huge fans of Pasta Zanmai coz I always thought they sell pasta only but my thought changed after that night. But I forgot what I had ordered though...





On Christmas itself, we had lunch at Pat Kin Pat Sun cafe. Reason was because I wanted to try the Turkey offered by them. But it was not satisfactory. Sauce was terrible and the presentation of the food are totally difference than the one in their photo. I mean, if abit not difference is ok but this is totally from A change to Z. Sigh, why am I always get cheated on Christmas.

* Hainannese Chicken Chop RM11.90 *
* Mongolia Chicken Rice RM9.90 *
* Turkey RM 32.90 *

Went to renew my IC as well after so long. I though I won't kena fine if I change my IC in between 18-25 but I was wrong. I have to pay total RM40 fined and the counter lady told me I have to change before I am 25. Mean 24 years old are my last chance. WTF damn 7 misleading. Wonder how much has I changed in 8 years time.


A blink of eye, year 2013 is ending. We could never rewind the time. 2014 will be more challenge for me and for my family. Hopefully everything goes smoothly. Happy New Year to whoever are reading this post :) Thanks for supporting and following my journey all this year. I am not giving up on blogging, but I might slowly down. Current situation really cause me hardly sit in front computer.