Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Al-Amar Express @ Farenheit88 and Circus @ Pavilion KL Review

Last weekend, I am invited to reviewed both places, Al-Amar Express and also the Circus, under Eatertainment Group who also owned the Al-Amar Lebanese Cuisine and also Main Course Catering services. For your information, Al-Amar Lebanese Cuisine located at Level 6 Pavilion. It's menu offers a combination of the popular hot and cold mezzes, grills, salads and also traditional desserts like the baklava and mohalabieh.


Of course, instead of Al-Amar Lenabese, we actually went for the Al-Amar Express which is more hip and casual. It located right outside Farenheit88, along the Bukit Bintang walk which easily spotted. Being casual place, Al-Amar Express definitely a place for people who enjoy watching while sipping on a hot cup of tea or coffee, smoking premium shishas or even having a quick bite any time of day. With a newly upgraded bar and the latest Happy Hour promotion, Al-Amar Express is a great choice to hang out with friends and chill around after a busy day of work.



The casual dining concept at Al-Amar Express is well designed with two terrace and an aquarium style indoor dining area. You can enjoy the variety of Lebanese wraps, healthy sandwiches, shawarmas and the traditional manakeesh at prices ranging between RM8 to RM25 per dish. In addition, Al-Amar Express also served Breakfast Buffet at RM25++ and launched its "Let's Meet Up" campaign to establish the venue's suitability for people to get together on any occasions, at any time of the day.




* Lebanese wraps *

Overall, Al-Amar Express is great place to hang around with friends. We enjoy the foods there as well as having a good companions of the night.

* Failed to capture the decoration outside Pavilion *

Next, we are moving to the Circus which is totally difference from Al-Amar Express. With the well equipped mood-altering lighting effects that metamorphose the decoration and atmosphere from a modern, casual eatery to a trendy, cosmopolitan dinner and drinking spot. Of course as the sun set, the atmosphere change to chic, cosmopolitan restaurant and cocktail lounge.



We have magician as well that night to entertain us with Anna being the assistance.




A night wouldn't be call a night without drinking session with friends. We are served with Moet on that night.


Circus offers International cuisine at its most delectable with an all en-compassing menu. With the new menu of food and cocktails, Circus delivers hand-crafted gourmet pizzas, signature comfort foo with prices starting at an affordable RM22-RM58. Circus also offers interesting promotional packages like Sunday Hangover Brunch, Executive Lunch, Happiest Hour with a drinks from RM8 and Double Bottle promotions making Circus the ideal place to host any kind of celebration. Here are the foods we had that night.

* Bread stick *

Bread stick as our starter.

* Mixed Fajitas *

Mixed Fajitas came with beef and chicken fajitas served guacamole, sour cream and pico de gallo. Fajitas referring to any grilled meat usually served as a taco on a flour or corn tortilla. I personally love the chicken fajitas! It was good!

* Vietnamese Spring Rolls *

Vietnamese Spring Rolls is a vegetable filled rice paper rolls served with a delicious sesame dip. I think it will be more awesome if it served with prawn as well haha.. Overall not bad if dip with the sesame oil or else it is almost tasteless.

* Nicoise Salad *

Nicoise Salad is the traditional salad from French. It came with quail eggs and fresh tuna. It was alright and nothing much to shout. Guess I still prefer caesar salad.

* Beef Platter *

Beef Platter is a bar bite combination to accompany with drinking binge. The beef is awesome!

* Sarawak Laksa *

As you have guess, it is Sarawak traditional Laksa that served with sambal and lime. Never try any Sarawak laksa before but personally I felt it is abit too salty and wet to my liking. It is not too spicy too.

* Angus Rendang *

It might look like normal beef rendang rice but Angus Rendang easily become local favourite. It is a black angus beef simmered in coconut milk and curry served with white rice. For those who enjoy quality beef, this is a must!

* Truffle Alfredo *

Truffle Alfredo came with tagliatelle, alfredo sauce, crispy beef bacon, permesan and truffle oil. It was creamy and good. If there is a thing I will complain about this will be the small portion of it.

* Steamed Sea Bass *

Steamed Sea Bass is served on a bed of glass noodles with soy sauce. Not a huge fans of fish but the simple serving noodle is good. Sea Bass is fresh as well.

As dinner ends, the music goes up and the bar comes alive! Live music featuring renowned singers are part of entertainment in Circus and local DJs spin on Fridays and Saturdays.

Overall, great dining experience in the Circus. Great music, great foods, great drinks and also great companions are what made my Friday night awesome.


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