Thursday, December 05, 2013

Back to School with Deborah Henry - in Aid of the Fugee School @ i Dart Trinity, Jaya One

p/s In case you all wondering why my blog lack of update for a week, don't worry! I am back! from a land where we can bang cock. Just kidding. That's why I said, follow me on DAYRE laaaaaa if you dowanna miss anything of me. Oh waii I don't think there will be ppl wanna miss me :(


So yea back main post. The night before I fly to Bangkok, I am invited to i Dart Trinity at Jaya One for a charity event - Back to School with Deborah Henry in aid of the Fugee School. It was a charity event collaboration between Fugee School and i Darts Trinity.

* Deborah Henry! Photo courtesy of Henry *

A short mention about Fugee School - It is an education hub for refugee kids in Malaysia to recreate their future and aim to equip them with the life skills needed to ensure they are given opportunities in life like normal children.


Ticket was sold at RM15 and courtesy to i Dart Trinity, we get to play our role as donor and also have fun in the same time by playing the darts!


My first time playing darts in life and I play it with my blur eye since I did not wear my spec that night. I guess I got talent playing it :P


For more information and if you feel like playing a role to the Fugee School, logon to and also do check out i Dart Trinity at


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