Friday, December 20, 2013

DIY Demb Pop-Up Flip-it! Diffuser

Ok I am proud of myself. I finally manage to DIY something for my camera gear LOL.. went for alot youtube tutorial and there are alot video equipment I wish to DIY but never take any action until now. Anyway, I did a DIY Demb Pop-Up Flip-it! diffuser for my Olympus camera. If you're curious what it is, it is this, the actual product.

and this is mine.


Well close enough, hahaha.. Anyway, needed a diffuser for my ext pop up flash because age is catching up, my hand no longer able to carry heavy stuff (big and heavy ext flash gun), hence, I need the pop up flash since it is lighter yet usable. Anyway the reason hand no longer able to carry heavy stuff purely just because I am lazy LOL.. nevertheless, I am not professional photographer yet, I am doing all this photography purely just for hobby and my blog.

So yea, I spend less than RM15 to get all the items to DIY the Demb Pop-Up Flip-it! diffuser. Demb Diffuser is one of the best diffuser I ever use when I am still with my Nikon DSLR and now since I need something smaller, naturally I am interested a mini version of demb diffuser. Refusing to purchase 1 for myself, I DIY it my own. I know I am proud of myself now LOL

So yea, here are what we need to do Demb Pop-Up Flip-it! diffuser :

  • 1 x mounting board RM 3.90
  • 1 x reflective paper (not sure the actual name) RM 1.80
  • 1 x Hinge RM 3
  • 1 x Velcro RM 3.50/meter
  • 1 x adhesive Backing RM 1.50

* Reflective paper *
* Velcro and Adhesive Backing *
* Hinge *

Let's talk about the material first. The material I used might not the best and it is up to ur own customization or preference. The mounting board is a little thick to my like and I might replace it with photo paper anytime soon. The reflective paper seem perfect for me since it is reflective but not as reflective as aluminium foil or mirror. I am using the door hinge coz I couldn't find a better one. Door hinge is loose, hence I use hammer and whack all the way middle part to tighten it. I don't need it very tight. I just need it to be able to stay.



Honestly, spend less than RM15 and I actually use a small portion of the materials only LOL...guess I can make alot set of Demb Pop-Up Flip-it! Diffuser and sell it. Anyone want? :P Anyway here the measurement of the things I cut off.

  • Mounting board (rear) 6 x 7.5 cm and Mounting board (front) 4 X 5 cm.
  • Reflective paper 4 x 5 cm
  • Velcro 16 cm (depend on ur camera and flash size).

So yea, next I bet an average joe know what to do and assemble it. I even paste the adhesive backing on flash, to make sure the whole thing steady and doesn't loose up. It might look ugly but who care, it is usable. So don't be surprise if you see me using it in event. Hopefully it won't drop off :P



Nevertheless, here are the result with the Demb Pop-Up Flip-it! Diffuser and without. Result? judge yourself.

* Without *
* with *
* without *
* with *

So yea, time to put my flashgun to sleep and continue enjoy shooting with my camera :P


Jean said...

cool tips.. ur blog layout kinda to wide for my tiny screen. hahaha...