Friday, January 31, 2014


Looking my January archive, fuh only 7 post (8 including this)... Guess what? I do admit blogging is no longer my top priority now. Ok maybe I have no material to blog as well and I dowanna turn my blog into rant page. You can check my Dayre if you wanna see my rant LOL

So yea, no longer priority but doesn't mean I am given up. I am slowly turning my blog into something else and direction. Don'y worry, it is still life style blog and very personal. It just meant I won't update it as frequent as I could like last time.

Thanks for everyone who still visiting this blog :) Appreciate it alot!

I would love to grab the opportunity to wish Happy Chinese New Year to all my readers as well! May year of horse and 2014 will be good year for you and me.

Monday, January 20, 2014

SonicGear : Pandora 3, Pandora Mini and Pandora Micro Review

So, I received three Pandora series speakers by SonicGear for review. Two of the speakers are wireless while the other one are more serious looking beast. Three of them are also bluetooth enable device which can be connected with smartphone and tablet or even used as bluetooth headset. Pretty sweet!

For full review, visit my Dygadget site. Thanks for Ken becoming the guest writer of the blog post.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Thaipusam 2014 @ Batu Caves




I admit being a Malaysian, I don't have much knowledge about Thaipusam. This is my first year ever attended Thaipusam celebration at Batu Caves for shooting purposes together with Ken & Alex. We decided to shoot from 5am until sunrise because we just stupid trying to challenge low light. I guess it was a good opportunity too to push my Olympus E-M1 to higher ISO. So yeap! Instead of avoiding the jam like I did every years, this year I be apart of the jam! LOL






Was shooting with my camera in between ISO 3200 to 6400 and mounted my 45mm f1.8 most of the time. I gotta admit I am very frustrated unable to get any perfect shots I want. People are everywhere that basically I don't have time to think, frame and even set setting in my camera. It was a hit or miss situation for me. Perhaps, I should have use burst and continuous auto focus in my E-M1. Afterall it is one of the things that this camera capable to do. Too bad I choose not to because I am too used to single auto focus and also single shot. I take it as a challenge.







How well did my E-M1 handle lowlight shooting? It was acceptable for me with a minor focus hunt but most of the shot miss focus due to people moving. In addition, I did not turn on the AF assist light. ISO 3200 and 6400 is definitely a value I wouldn't mind using it in this kind situation. Images still turn up sharp. Note that I am using Low Noise Filter setting where usually I will turn it off. 45mm served me well but on certain situation I wish I could have a little bit wider lens. Perhaps a good excuses for me to get Olympus 25mm f1.8? :P









Definitely some fresh experience for me joined Thaipusam shooting. It was one of the challenge that "Image! Please turn out to be focused!" keep playing in my mind. Of course, E-M1 focus are pretty unstoppable when sun is rise. I did not satisfied most of my shot today. I will return again next year! Practise make perfect! Maybe I should try climb on the stair too next year.


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Celebrate Chinese New Year 2014 with Calrsberg's Malaysia


Calrsberg's officially launch a media campaign in conjunction of Chinese New Year celebration at the prestigious Selangor Turf Club (STC) at the auspicious time and date of 11:11am on January 11. Given the cultural significance of the Chinese Zodiac sign of horse in the eyes of the Chinese Community, Calrsberg welcomed the lunar new year by presenting a special horse race named the "Calrsberg Golden Success Cup" to symbolically unleash success and good fortune in leap and bounds for consumers and customer of the brand.


The launch itself was filled with pomp and ceremony that started with the arrival of Calrsberg Malaysia managing director, Henrik Juel Andersen in a horse-drawn chariot to the beat of Chinese drums, followed by the appearance of Gods of Prosperity.









It is worth to mention too that Calrsberg is the official beer sponsor of the promotional roadshow for the CNY movie this year, "Ah Beng - Mission Impossible", a Malaysian production featuring local artistes Jack Lim (Ah Beng), Jeff Chin, Yumi Wong, Gan Mei Yan and Chen Keat Yoke. As a part of the roadshow, the cast will visit 20 Calrsberg affiliated food courts in Klang, Ipoh, Butterworth and other parts of Penang to meet and greet session. Consumers who purchase two buckets of Calrsberg during the activity stand a chance to get an autographed photo of "Ah Beng" and the other stars.






In conjunction of CNY, Calrsberg already begun to share good fortune and prosperity with consumers through ang pow giveaway. Over 80,000 cash prizes are up for grabs now! To participate in the promotion, Calrsberg consumers just need to check the bottle cap liner when they open either a large bottle of Calrsberg, Asahi Super Dry or Royal Danish Stout at participating outlets. With a total of 30 big ang pow of RM8,888 each and 3,000 ang pow worth RM388 each to be given away by February 14. To add excitement to the campaign, consumers who submit a contest form could also stand to win RM888 and bonus prizes. Four bonus round draws will take place during the campaign, where total of 40 units of 50" Sharp LED televisions as bonus prizes can be won! For more info, click

Good things we are given chance to bet for racing in the "Carlsberg Golden Success Cup". Being clueless on how why when what who where about betting, in d end I bet on horses with coolest name haha.. Of course I did not win LOL It was a fresh experience for me in horse betting. At least I learnt something new.



Thanks Calrsberg for hosting such awesome event. Happy Chinese New Year!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Pudu Wet Market with Pro

*Yellow *

Public holiday again! Whenever it is holiday or weekend, I'll get a chance to went shooting with Robin and Carmen. Today is none of the exception. Managed to hands on with Olympus 12-40mm f2.8 PRO lens. Sigh, felt my Olympus E-M1 just completed with the lens. Too bad I wouldn't need the lens nor going to buy it. At least not at this moment with my financial status. My 12mm and 45mm still served me well or I still have my Olympus 14-54mm f2.8-3.5 lens which is one of the reason I am buying E-M1 in the first place.

* Thinking.. *
* Chicken *
* Center of attraction *
* Baby *
* Red *
* Hammering *

So yea Pudu wet market. A market that located beside Jalan Pasar which I never realized it until today. It is a very very huge market! As Robin said, people around this market definitely the friendlies market we ever been. Some of them are pretty over friendly I must say. There are alot stuffs to get too at here which made me almost forgot my main objective this morning.

* Friendly people *
* Working *
* Photogenic smile *
* A patch of light *

The Olympus 12-40mm f2.8 was incredible awesome lens. Maybe, maybe just a not on par with those CaNikon 2470 f2.8 but I felt it was good enough. Solid quality built, weather and splash proof like the E-M1 body and most important is, the lens performed very very well with Olympus E-M1. I was shooting between f.28 and f4 with this lens for whole morning. I am satisfy with the sharpness! Well I guess no point by just saying. Hopefully my pics speak louder than my words here.

* Friendly owner *
* Super friendly *
* Reading *
* Giving out for free? *
* Posing *
* Lovely stranger *
* Reflection *
* Year of Horse *

The only things I probably dislike about the lens are the weight (but hey! It is full aluminium built!), lens size (but hey! It is f2.8 mid range zoom!) and the zoom ring a little bit tight for my liking. Oh well, it was personal based feeling anyway since I am sucker for smaller lens and overall portability. But I don't doubt myself will be getting the lens someday when the times come and I need it. It is really awesome lens that easily replace my 12mm and 45mm in terms of focal length coverage.

* Waiting *
* Boy or RM1.20? *
* Smoke *
* Close up Portrait again *
* Resting *
* Chatting *
* Spiderweb *
* Dark and Bright *
* Pork knuckle *

Great outing with the Robin and Carmen for shooting. Next, I wanna challenge Thaipusam!