Monday, January 06, 2014

Being Selective

It was Sunday morning yesterday where I managed to join Robin, Carmen and Tom who came all the way from US for some shutter therapy session at Petaling Street. Oh God it was such a burden to woke up early and riding the demotivated LRT. We managed to meet up on time and had a breakfast in one of the famous porridge and Chu Cheong Fan in Petaling Street. Forgot the name of the shop though. Was it call Hong Kee?

* Chinese lantern everywhere in Petaling Street *
* Cleaner *
* Teddy! *

Chinese New Year decoration can be seen everywhere in Petaling Street. Not to mentioned they blast the music loudly along the street. One can never deny CNY is coming near. Is time to loose some weight and also gain it back during the celebration LOL.. Anyway we drop by at Chinese and Indian temple nearby after breakfast.




I am telling myself not to shoot too much everytime when I head to street. I am choosing being selective. Selective on my subjects, selective on the moments, selective on my shots and so on. This is just to force myself being more aware on my composition and think out of the box. Turn out I shots 52 photos only yesterday. But mehhhh.. I am not sure am I doing the right things.

* HDR 1 in my camera *
* Newspaper *
* Cautious *
* Photogenic *
* Sibling *

Honestly I am fond to my Olympus 45mm f1.8 more and more nowdays. Gosh which genius actually invented 45mm (90mm in 35mm equivalent) focal length! It just not too close yet too far. Perfect for me though deep in my heart I actually wanted Olympus 75mm f1.8 as well for concert shooting *grin*..

* Bad day? *
* Anticipating *
* Sleeveless *

I don't edit much my photos most of the times (unless it is some model or product shooting) but something struck me last night when editing those photos and I decided to be daring in doing some unusual post processing that I would do. Hopefully it doesn't turn out as ugly as I thought. C&C are welcome!

* Waiting *
* Working hard *
* Stranger *

Oh it seem like Robin is asking you all guess what camera and lens combination he was using to shoot on his weekend :P Sorry I couldn't reveal it eventhough there was a photo of me holding it.

Wild guess of the camera anyone? :P It is Olympus Stylus 1! Mini OMD EM-5 look alike with 28-300mm f2.8 zoom on 1/1.7" sensor! Go check out Robin blog now for 1st part review and some awesome shots with this compact camera ;)