Friday, January 31, 2014


Looking my January archive, fuh only 7 post (8 including this)... Guess what? I do admit blogging is no longer my top priority now. Ok maybe I have no material to blog as well and I dowanna turn my blog into rant page. You can check my Dayre if you wanna see my rant LOL

So yea, no longer priority but doesn't mean I am given up. I am slowly turning my blog into something else and direction. Don'y worry, it is still life style blog and very personal. It just meant I won't update it as frequent as I could like last time.

Thanks for everyone who still visiting this blog :) Appreciate it alot!

I would love to grab the opportunity to wish Happy Chinese New Year to all my readers as well! May year of horse and 2014 will be good year for you and me.