Monday, January 13, 2014

The Country Pet Hotel - Cat Café @ Plaza Crystal Ville, Setapak


Ok this is something I delayed it on purpose. Because I just scratching my head on how to blog about this. As everyone know I am actually a dogs lover and I don't have any special feeling on cats. For me, dog are much cuter and much better being my companions. Cat are just bitch. Ok cat lover don't kill me k? :P


Nevertheless, claim to be Malaysia first cat cafe, The Country Pet Hotel located at Plaza Cristal Villa, Setapak or to be specific, Danau Kota. It located right behind the Columbia Hospital. The shop located right beside Pizza Hut, not easy to spot though. I have to make 2 rounds of turn before spotted it. So yea, I went the cafe together with deary, my sis, Ryan and Yeeing. Despite how much I bitch about cat, I am giving myself a chance to go near them.




Upon arrival, we been told each head will be charge for RM 14.90 and only allowed to stay for one hour. Uh well fair enough. Or else every cat lover just visit the cafe without paying nor ordering anything. Rm 14.90 charged, we get a free drinks from the menu. The drinks were huge disappointment. We were also required to sanitize our hands and also to change into slippers that were provided.



The moment I step in, the wtfbbqsauce moment came right into my mind. The layout of the cafe is small, smelly and dim. As Chinese proverb, "One eye see finish". Le sigh. There are total 6 cats in the room with 5 being same breed and another 1 long fur which I called it Cinaman because it's eye hardly open LOL



So what can you do in the cat cafe? You paid money go in, get a drinks and play with the cat. Well more like serving the cat in case if they are being passive LOL.. there are clothes and comb provided as well for the cat.



Overall, it is a huge disappointment on the cat cafe. I do think that I will have little interest on cat after went the cafe but guess I still love dogs more. Not to mentioned the cafe lack of quality drinks and also some minor facilities like a basin to wash hand after play with the cat? But of course, we are provided the same sanitizer when we were going out.