Saturday, February 01, 2014

Chinese New Year shooting at Pudu Wet Market

It is day 2 CNY! Well I am still in KL and have yet go to any relative house for visiting. Hence, I grab the opportunity to went Pudu wet market this morning for some shooting session with Robin. You know he been reviewing Olympus OM-D E-M10 and 3 more new announced lenses right? That's one of the reason I am joining his shooting this morning :P

* 25mm side by side with my 45mm *
* New pancake kits and 9mm fish eye *

I admit I been abandoning my Olympus 14-54mm f2.8-3.5 II ever since I got the Olympus 45mm. Feeling guilty, I brought the lens along for this morning and use it in the market. And I know, I had make a mistake. I couldn't bear the focusing speed and it quite focus hunting even on my E-M1. Plus, the limited of focus point available when my camera switch to phase detection only when mount to four third lens a little bit turn off for me. I did not regret owning the lens. It is still awesome lens that I always use it for food review when I still using my Olympus E-P3. My only regret was my lack of patient after being pampered so much with WORLD FASTEST AUTO FOCUS camera and lenses.







Very quickly, I switch back to my 45mm. Damn the moment I grab my 45mm out together I knew it I couldn't resist or bear the temptation to use that lens. Probably I should really fully convert myself into a prime lens shooter only. Olympus 25mm f1.8 is nicely fit in between my 45mm and 12mm collection now. Ahhh temption! Damn you Olympus.




Since it is still in CNY mood, not much stall opened actually. Not to mention the street is super quiet and not much subject to aim for. Barely feeling satisfy with my shot earlier, I tried to change lens again and tried something difference. A lens that I swear I will never own it but now I am willing to sold my soul to it. Oh wait not really my soul maybe few hundred bucks will do. Guess what lens I am using?








Yup it is fish eye lens. But which? Fish eye adapter? Samyang? or some other mount with adapter? Keep guessing but no prize k?












Overall it was pretty stress free shooting today. Not much people on the street that push you around when you're shooting yet not much subject you could aim for to satisfy your photo hunger. For the third lens I am using today, it was this.

YES BODY CAP LENS! I believe pics speak thousand words (ok maybe my pics speak 10 words only LOL) and I am satisfy with the 9mm fish eye lens eventhough it stuck with f8 and manual focus. But heck, it was a fun and awesome lens to bring for walk around or casual usage!


Perfect lens for selfie anyone? :P


Jason Pang said...

the IQ is nice, corners a little soft. fun lens cap to play with.

Robert Evangelista said...

I wonder what shutter speeds you can use at f8 on the 9mm body cap lens..

or if you are forced to bump up the ISO?

Johan Chan Seem said...

Hello, first time coming to your interesting blog. Nice and wellm composed pics btw!

Jackie Loi said...

@jason yes it is fun holding the lens and play around :D

@Robert Was using ISO 200 and around 1/40s shutter speed on outdoor. You can check those pics exif data :)

@Johan Thanks for the kind words Johan :D

TianChad Chen said...

Yo Jackie, I like the photos on your blog. But it seems a bit too large to fit my laptop screen. I guess most laptop user facing the same thing ;p

How I wish I have this non-bulky fisheye to play too!

Jackie Loi said...

@tianchad nuuuu time to buy 22 inch monitor screen X)
Come join us shooting :)

Edward Conde said...

On a sunny day with the BCL could the Sunny16 Rule work?

yu ning lian said...

Hi jackie.. May i know where can i find the lens in selangor area? im using omd em5, i got a 45mm 1.8..
n im stil wondering should i get a 25mm o 17mm :v

Jackie Loi said...

@Yu Ning Hi you can check out YL Camera at Jaya 33. Check out their official website at

As for lenses.. both are good lens. It is depend on your focal length preferences :)