Saturday, February 22, 2014

Pizza Gallery @ Publika Review


Damn totallyd elayed this post for more than a month. Sorry! Life was pretty busy and demotivated in some reason. Anyway, it is Pizza Gallery at Publika! Not exactly a pizza lover unless it is really something very cheesy and awesome topping! Nevertheless, Pizza Gallery did not only did well on their topping and cheese, they even emphasis their bread! Offered in both thin and pan crust, my personal fav would be pan crust because it is soft and easy to chew! Alright without any delay lets begin the pizza review!

* Cheese Bread RM 6.90 *

Cheese bread in Pizza Gallery is very soft! As the name suggested, it topped with mozzarella cheese and also salted butter as well. Definitely one of my favourite bread in pizza shop!

* Soup of the day *

Not the best soup. One can easily guess it is directly from an instant soup packet or probably renowned distributor. Nothing to shout.

* Caesar Salad RM 8.90 *

Nothing to shout. Decent enough.

* Signature Chicken Wing RM 15.90 *

It is one of the dish that I high recommended as well, the Signature Chicken Wings. It is fried chicken with homemade seasoning and topping with BBQ sauce. Not so crunchy, just nice.

* Chicken Burger RM 12.90 *

As a burger lover, I disapproved this. Though it is cheap, huge in portion but it is almost tasteless for me. Chicken meat are dry, cheese not melt enough and don't have impressive sauce. Guess doing a burger now is very competitive as we have alot, too many, damn alot choices at outside now.

* Macaroni Cheese RM 12.90 *

Mac N' Cheese definitely my favourite! I said that I love cheese isn't? The cheese are creamy, dense and flavourful! A must order for pasta & cheese lover.

* Spaghetti Seafood RM 15.90 *

Alot, alot, alot of seafood in this pasta! Ok thats my only impression. Taste wise it is decent enough and nothing to shout.

* Aglio Olio RM 10.90 *

Spicy and cheesy Aglio Olio? That's my first time trying this and personally feel it doesn't go well. Mac N' Cheese still the best.

* Tom Yum Spaghetti RM 15.90 *

Tom Yum Spaghetti is specially design for spicy lover. Note that it is really spicy and not like those usual tom yum you get at local Thai restaurant. Personally, I dislike too spicy foods because it beat the purpose of eating the whole thing. Must as well just grab the sauce and eat.

* Beef Pepperoni RM 22.90 *

Beef Pepperoni probably is of my favourite eventhough it is something common in any pizza restaurant. It is cheesy enough for my like :P

* Island Seafood RM 27.90 *

Island Seafood come with thousand island sauce (DUH), pineapple, onion, tuna flake & mozzarella. Nothing much to shout.

* Satay Delight RM 25.90 *

As much as I like satay, personally I think it just ok when merge with pizza. Using the common satay sauce, it also topped with satay chicken, onion, garnishing with red chili, cucumber & mozzarella.

* Tom Yum Special RM 29.90 *

Again, it is spicy type of pizza! It came with Tom Yum sauce, squid, prawn, crabstick,onion, garnishing with cilantro & Kaffir Lime Leaves & Mozzarella. Spicy lover will love this.

* Sweet & Sour Lover Pizza RM 24.90 *

Sweet & Sour Lover Pizza almost same with island seafood except they are using lime sauce instead. Decent enough and nothing much too shout. Afterall, how bad can a pizza be right?

* Italian Supreme RM 26.90 *

Italian Supreme also decent enough with Beef pepperoni, salami, capsicum & mozzarella as main ingredient. This is the only pizza we have with pan crust and I love it so much.

It was a pretty decent dining in Pizza Gallery. Afterall as I mention before how bad can a pizza be? It doesn't wow me enough but definitely a good place to hangout with friends and enjoy the moment of eating same plate of pizza. They even have buffet pizza too offered during 3-5pm Happy Hour with RM25++ per pax.