Friday, March 28, 2014

A Journey to Sabah Day 1 : Being Tourist

Last weekend, it was one of the weekend I been anticipating since half years ago! Because I am going Sabah with my childhood friends to attend Frank wedding! Still feel like it happened yesterday that we in Sabah and I miss them so much now. We had so much fun and experience. One of the valuable experiences of course looking at our dearest friend, Frank going to another stage of life - being someone husband and start up his own family. Not to mentioned, five years after our very first Penang trip, finally we are going trip together again!

* The SKJAP gang! *

We gathered as early as 5am at my house on Saturday morning before our flight on 7.30am. We reached right on time and manage to rented a Nissan Urvan as our transport for the next three days. So yea, being first timer in Sabah, I really wish to visit all the tourist spot and also try their local delight. Frank joined us on lunch on first day. He brought us to famous pork kon lou mee.

* Somewhere at Jalan Lintas *
* Teh C Special RM 3.80 *
* Pork Meatball RM 7 *
* Mee Soup RM 7 *
* Crumble Meat Kon Lou Mee RM 8.50 *
* Love Cheong RM 7 *

It is really of of the best kon lou mee with pork for me! The pork meatball and also internal organ are awesome! Nth much to shout on the Love Cheong though. Oh I love the Teh C Special as well where I believe we called it Three Layer Tea at here.


Done with our lunch, we proceed to check in our condo, Marina Court Condo. It is comfy despite look old and dirty. The only things we feel not comfortable with was the smell of seafood. Not sure it is because it near the sea. Done check in, we take a quick rest before proceed to next destination, Suria Sabah shopping Mall that located near our condo.

* Roti Kahwin RM 1.70 *

Manage to spot a Roti Kahwin in the mall food court and tempted to try. Ended up with disappointment since it is really taste like Roti Bakar I usually ate at my old work place, Meh.

* Milky Durian Freeze RM 12.90 *

We also smell a very strong durian flavour in the mall and ended up it was coming from a stall called Just Berry who sell durian dessert. Without hesitation me and deary shared the Milky Durian Freeze. It came with alot topping such as durian floss, coconut pudding, pomelo, sago, banana cake and of course, durian! The taste was well balance though my greedy side wish there are more durian inside. If only this shop in KL, it will be my fav dessert place!


* Thanks God no one snatch my camera away during this shot LOL *

Done with some quick shopping, we went to Tanjung Aru to chase sunset. Too bad the weather seem a little down and too many cloud. Not the ideal weather for me.


Din really capture photos in Tanjung Aru using my camera since I am using my Yashica 635 more on that time. Can't wait to finish up my film and bring it for post process!

We went to Frank house for dinner on that night before his big day. Yes, few of us are becoming heng dai chi mui (bridge and groom best man and maid) on the next day. It was my first time being someone best man actually and well, luckily things wasn't turn out so bad :P


The day one in Sabah ended with two bottle of red wine. Yes, it was that night I realize I have a bunch of alcoholic friends... LOL