Thursday, April 24, 2014

Bento Live - Step into a New World

I believe nowdays each house will have minimum one Television. But it is enough to satisfy you? What if your family wanted to watch the channel that you dislike to watch? What if you’re bored with everything shown on the mainstream TV? Then here I have a solution for you!


Instead of fighting for TV or queue in cinema with the crowds, you can watch full HD streaming video from Bento Live for free! Yes it is full HD guarantee! FREE! Well of course you have to go through an approximately a short advertisement (roughly 60 sec) before you able to stream the video but hey! 60 sec? You go watch movie in cinema also need to see the ads for 15 min isn’t? Not to mentioned you’re watching free video legally!



I am given chance to experience the awesome Bento Live app at Bento Live office. The app was preview with the 75 inch Samsung Smart TV! Oh mai this is my first time looking at gigantic TV that almost taller than me.


There are verities of show in Bento Live such as movies, documentaries, dramas and anime. Those film mostly are film that wasn’t shown in cinema nor local TV and some are from independent film maker. What’s make more user friendly are Bento Live offered English & Malay subtitle as well to be choose.


I managed to watch one of the show in the site, Hatchet. It is old school American horror known as “Victor Crowley”, a horribly disfigured man who was tragically and accidentally killed with a hatchet by the hand of his own father. Of course, the story become real and all the characters in the show are desperately escape the swamp with their life. I like the show because it is horror enough and bloody gore! But of course some part are too fake haha Eg : Kane Hodder can easily tear Patrika Darbo mouth with bare hand.. He must have super human strength!


If you’re curious, Bento Live not only available in website and also smart TV app, it also available in Android platform! It is truly on the go app for those who travel often but yet able to enjoy show offered by Bento Live! Samsung user will be able to enjoy the app for free via Samsung Store. However none Samsung user will require to pay RM6.50 for the app via Play Store. It is one time payment of course and you’ll get to enjoy the contents for free!

Oh if you dunno, Bento Live is giving away two unit Samsung 40” Smart TV once a month!


All you need to do is just :

Good movie must be enjoy in big screen together with family isn’t? ;) Good luck to you all! Here's the contest link: