Monday, April 07, 2014

Eldritch Horror

I always love board and cards game. I used to play alot board games when I was young and the most common one of course Monopoly and Chess. However, I knew the existent of board game in RPG style and I always wanted to play. Unfortunately, I dont have friends to play with. Is either the are being impatient or they just want something simple. Ryan invited me to his friends house back to 2 weeks ago to have a board game session, a game know as Eldritch Horror. If you play Arkham Horror, you'll know this game. After the very first session of the game on that night, I have determine to own my very first TRPG game! Together, I purchased a set of Eldritch Horror with Ryan.


Heard it was hard to get since stock a pretty limited. Fortunately, we managed to bought it at Meeple. So basically the game required players, or known as investigators to solve three mysteries in order to win the game and prevent The Ancient One to awaken. Don't worry it has nothing much in using the brain. Most of the time it will be about your way to managed the quest, team work and also luck. Yes luck since most of the quest (encounter) are resolve by throwing die.



I love the characters in this game. There are 12 selectable characters with difference state and skill. Just be sure to know your character well and make full used of their skill to help in the encounter. So far I played few times the game and my favourite will be Lily Chen as attacker and Norman Withers as supporter.


Of course, the Ancient One or the boss of the game have different difficulty. The guide book recommend beginner to start with Azathoth but actually I felt he is hard to beat too. So far play with this ancient three times and never win X)



In the same time I can't believe I am spending some amount of bucks on purchased cards sleeve, container and even a box to put my cards in. So yea, I wanna take good care of my cards so that it last long. Heard from an uncle in hobby shop told me that there are people actually purchase super expensive sleeve then purchase another cheaper sleeve to protect the expensive one. So yea, sleeveception it seem. Oh I bought extra dices too since four is not enough :P

I am still learning the game and getting familiar with it. So whoever wanna have a board game session with me, feel free to let me know :D preferable 4 and above players! I think board game is a very good way to bond with friends ;)


Vladislav said...

I recommend you take a look at Elder Sign. It's basically Arkham Horror, but plays faster and with less pieces (so it's easier to set up and clean up). Still provides a lot of fun! You can take a look at it here:

Jackie Loi said...

@Vladislav thanks! Will take a look at it :D