Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Imbi Market with 20mm


Fuah look at my pathetic amount of blog post starting this year! Guess I really slowly discard myself from my blog. Sorry bloggie T.T I tried but I failed. Guess my life now is full with work, Gunpla and Dayre. Dont worry, I will never abandon you even I will only post 1 post per month LOL.. So yea, last weekend I went to Imbi Market for some shooting. Guess it has been time since I went down to street by my own motivation instead of getting invited by Robin. I am regret too for unable to shoot some street market during my trip at Sabah last 2 weekend. Nevertheless, I am using Panasonic 20mm f1.7 on my camera that day courtesy of Jean. It has been time since I hold that lens and I just feel like trying it instead of using my usual 45mm.





I think 20mm still a very wonderful lens despite slow auto focus especially in low light mainly because the size and the weight. Oh note that I am using the old version of 20mm, not the new one with better construction. However I guess I am too fond on using my 45mm for street. Everything look wide in 20mm and I have to move closer. Not that I mind but my concious keep adjusting myself into 45mm focal length and in result whenever I lift up my camera, I have to move closer to my subject to compose my photo.





Din really manage shoot more on that day since I guess I am being selective again and nothing caught my eye. Perhaps I should change a new environment and location to shoot?



Shooting partner of they day, Ryan with his Sony NEX-5T paired up with ZEISS 35mm f1.8 Awesome lens!