Sunday, April 06, 2014


Current life style had completely taken myself away from my blog. I am busy, tired and also lazy to do everything related to blogging. Of course, I am going event lesser and lesser. You'll see me rant more in my Dayre nowdays. By end of this week, my life style will back to square one again and I have to reorganize my lifestyle. Then hopefully by one month later, everything will settle and by that time, I knew what's my priority. Definitely not on blogging, but I will never give up. In addition, I will keep shooting ;)

* Kin Kin Chili Pan Mee as source of energy of the day *

So yea, today Sunday morning me, Ryan & Robin head down to Chow Kit market for some shutter therapy session. I borrowed my 45mm f1.8 to Jean to used in Korea, hence I am basically a little bit lens-less except with the 12mm f2 and also her 20mm f1.7 Luckily, Robin borrowed me his 25mm f1.8. A little bit reluctant to use the 25mm f1.8 at first since I am holding the 20mm f1.7 and I actually can use it. But once consideration on faster AF, lens correction and even sharper image with Olympus lens, I decided to use the 25mm f1.8





25mm is equivalent to 50mm in micro four third body and everyone been keep saying it is a classic focal lenght and a MUST HAVE LENS in every photographer bag. Well, I am neutral and flexible, hence I am not gonna argue about whether it is A MUST HAVE LENS or not. Personally, I enjoyed using my 45mm more for street instead of 25mm. Probably I am getting too used in composing tight frame using that lens while I also enjoying shooting in wider angle using my 12mm. 25mm was in my BUY list originally until I decided to drop the thought after test it for once with Robin during CNY shooting. I am considering and most probably saving money to buy something coming soon from Olympus next year, the 7-14mm f2.8 Though I actually wish for some awesome ultra wide angle prime lens such as 9mm or 7mm but I think the lens construction was the main restriction.





While I been went out with Robin for shooting for quite some times, I realize my composition are always the same. It is either close up or rule of third. I am not sure it is a good things but I am considering back to basic of composition and rethink again my composition. It is nothing right or wrong, it is just me who afraid of doing same thing over and over again and get bored of it. So yea, composition is one of the important element for me. I SHALL do something new in coming session.





It is almost 12am and I should head to bed. Been not enough sleep lately. Night my dear readers :)