Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Samsung NX Mini event & First impression


Last weekend, I am lucky to be invited to attend Samsung NX Mini event where I am getting a review set as well. Mirrorless interchangeable lens camera with flip screen is nothing new in the market. But, if something as small as Samsung NX Mini, then it is something difference than other competitor. Eventhough Samsung NX Mini not the smallest interchangeable lens camera, but it is still as small as compact camera size that offer superb compatibility when mount together with 9mm f3.5 lens. Check out the key spec for Samsung NX Mini.


Samsung NX Mini Key Specification :

  • 21 megapixels
  • 1″ (13.2 x 8.8 mm) BSI-CMOS Sensor
  • ISO 160 - 12800 (extends to 100-25600)
  • 21 Number of focus points
  • 3″ 180 degree tilting screen with 460,800 screen dot and capacitive touchscreen
  • 6 fps Continuous drive
  • 1920 x 1080, 1280 x 720, 640 x 480, 320 x 240 (all 30 fps) video recording
  • Built-In wireless and NFC
  • B740 lithium-ion battery
  • 110 x 62 x 23 mm
  • 196 g


1 inch size sensor just a sweet spot for Samsung NX Mini (thanks God it wasn't 1/2.3" sensor size). Despite being small in size, it has large 3" capacitive touchscreen on it's back and of course, it is tiltable for selfie purposes. With Wifi & NFC present in the camera, there are no excuses for someone who love selfie couldn't share better photos in their favourite social media site. As much as I love the camera itself, it is lack of grip when holding it due to small size. It feel like will slip from my hand anytime. Hopefully some third party manufacture able to release a detachable grip for this camera to solve the problem.. or Samsung will you listen to my request? :P


Getting know to use the camera is pretty easy since it is straight forward and just need spend abit time to dig into the menu for all the setting you needs. Unfortunately it wasn't built for speed manual shooter user since adjusting exposure could be a little bit slow like what we expected from a small size camera which lack of buttons and dials. By the way, there are only one flap on the right side of the camera that featured micro USB slot, HDMI slot, micro SD card slot and battery slot. All in one! The flap look abit fragile though.


Overall the camera feel solid on hand.

* First photo from the camera. With my partner of the day, Chutipond. Still playing around with the camera setting *
* Another selfie of myself. ISO 3200 *

Alright I've talk too much on the camera. Maybe I should let the pics speak itself since pics worth thousands words :) On that day, we are divided into three groups and we are given topic to shoot at Petaling Street area. I am lucky to get "Sight and sound" topic which basically shoot humans. Hey isn't that's what I been doing almost every weekend? LOL so yea not a big deal for me. Plus I been Petaling Street for several times when shoot with Robin and I am pretty familiar with the area. Hence, Chutipond, Ryan, Yeeing & me walk together and begin to shoot. I am given 9mm f3.5 lens only to shoot on that day.

My setting of the camera on that day : 20mp resolution, jpeg super fine quality, auto WB and switching in between Aperture Priority and Manual mode. I turn off any unnecessary setting like face detection, noise reduction and quick view.

* Writing. ISO 200 *
* Friendly uncle. ISO 200 *
* 100% crop from previous image *
* Waiting for passenger? ISO 200 *
* Hanging out. ISO 200 *
* Sweeping. ISO 200 *

Personally, I love the 9mm f3.5 lens. It was a perfect match for NX Mini. Do note that 1 inch sensor means it is 2.7x crop factor. Hence, 9mm x 2.7 = 24.3mm in 35mm equivalent, one of my favourite focal length. Despite being a wide angle lens, I am surprise the 9mm could easily focus as close as 0.11m on the subject. Perhaps, this is my first time seeing wide angle lens could focus pretty close. It just gave me advantages shooting portrait as close up as I like, though unfortunately f3.5 with 2.7x crop factor hardly get any bokeh at background.

* Jose stick. ISO 800 *
* Great father & daughter. Forgot to change the ISO after shooting inside the temple. ISO 800 *
* 100% crop from previous image *
* Another friendly stranger. ISO 800 *
* 100% crop from previous image *
* Enjoy what you love to do. ISO 400 *
* Sitting on top of the world. ISO 400 *
* Cutting. ISO 400 *
* Texting? ISO 200 *
* Taxi driver. ISO 200 *
* 100% crop from previous image *

The lens might not the fastest in focusing speed but it is not disappointing either. With the NX Mini, I rarely miss the focus though it happened sometimes. I have yet given chance to use it on low light. Hence, I can't fully judge it at the moment. Give me a week or two, you'll see my full review since I will use it from time to time. Selfie ftw! Oh before I forgot, the 9mm lens is lack of OIS. But it is wide angle lens, I doubt it is needed or else the size gonna be bigger.


Done shooting, we went to Johnnie Rocket at Avenue K for lunch. Thanks Samsung for the luxury treats.

To summarize, here are my first impression of Samsung NX Mini


  • Small in size for both camera body & 9mm lens
  • Wifi/NFC availability
  • Ability to shoot RAW
  • Awesome 3" capacitive touch screen and also 180 degree tiltable
  • Great color rendering on day light
  • Super-fast 1/16,000s electronic shutter
  • 2330mAh battery capacity


  • Lack of grip
  • microSD card
  • SEF-7A external flash not included as default accessories
  • Lack of OIS in 9mm lens
  • No lens cap for 9mm lens

Samsung NX Mini is now available in market with RM1399 retail for body + 9mm f3.5 lens. I heard kit lens is coming in few weeks time with RM1699 retail price and the body are available in 5 colors: White, baby pink, mint green, brown and black.


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