Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Goku Raku Ramen review @ Mid Valley Megamall

Ok this has been a serious delayed post. Apologize! Life still as shitty as usual for me. But hey, thanks God for the good foods around, I am back with hope *queue dramatic song* LOL.. Anyway, went for Goku Raku Ramen review last few weeks and for the first time I am being camera-less. Not bringing any gear with me due to some circumstances and I knew I shouldn't be heading home to grab my gears with the jam condition. Hence, I just went for the review with my one and trustworthy Sony Xperia Z1 as my main shooter.


So yea Goku Raku Ramen. Been knowing about this shop since the existence of Paradigm Mall but I have yet go to try. I am abit choosy when come to ramen eventhough I am not a huge fans of it because I have to make sure it is really worth a visit for me to pay and eat. But I guess my perspective changed after I tried Goku Raku Ramen. It is located at North Court, Mid Valley Megamall.

* Shanghai Fried Ramen RM13.90 *

The first thing came to our table is the Shanghai Fried Ramen. Yea, ramen with fried. It look kinda like hot plate yee mee to me. Personally I found nothing much to shout on this ramen. The plate is full with veggie and the portion of minced meat was too little for my likey. I admit I am a omnomnomnomvour. Oh be sure to toss the noodle around so that you get evenly sauce on it.

* Ebi Gyoza RM10.90 *

Gyoza! My favourite Japanese food! As much as I love how it taste, the prawn is too small in the dumpling.

* GRR Meatballs RM5 (5 pcs) / RM 9 (10 pcs) / RM17 (20 pcs) *

For the first time I was introduces by japanese meatball. It came with sweet and sour sauce. I took a first bite on it and I felt mix feeling on it. The skin itself is crunchy however the meat inside are soft, not compact enough. Too soft for my liking. But I guess it make it easy to chew and suitable to eat for everyone on difference age range, I guess again.

* 5 Star Aburi Char Siew Ramen RM25.90 regular *

Finally the star of the night. A good ramen has been always come with great pork broth soup and also thick and awesome char siu! Beside Ippudo, Goku Raku char siu is one of the best I ever had. The soup is not too salty as well and the flavour are well done. This what made my perspective of Goku Raku Ramen change. I'll be back again for the same ramen!

Lastly, we are served with Chef’s Specialty Course Meal; Set C which cost RM119.90 which come with 13 items:

  • 1. Edamame
  • 2. Aburi Char Siew
  • 3. Chef Recommended Salad
  • 4. Pork Loin Rei Shabu
  • 5. Tori Momo Karaage
  • 6. Crispy Shrimp Mayo
  • 7. Siew Mai
  • 8. Ebi Chili
  • 9. Sweet & Sour Pork
  • 10. Utsonomiya Sui Gyoza
  • 11. Garlic Fried Rice/Mini Ramen
  • 12. Annin Tofu Dessert
  • 13. Sesame Balls






The set are good to go with three to four person and it is totally worth it. The set has little fusion with chinese style but overall, it is very satisfactory.

So it is the end of my review. Thanks for those who read this post and as a token of appreciation for being my readers all this years, I am giving away a discount voucher for GRR Mealballs! Just print this out (not sure is black & white acceptable) and present it before making payment. Remember it is valid till 30th June 2014.


Friday, May 23, 2014

Samsung NX Mini - Interchangeable lenses for my ever changing mood


I am back with another short and quick review on Samsung NX Mini. I am in middle of collecting photos for full review and it will take a while more since I am pretty busy with my stuffs. Of course, you can always feel free to come and ask me any question regarding the camera. I'll help as much as I can! Nevertheless, today this post will be regarding the interchangeable lenses capability in Samsung NX Mini.


As I mentioned earlier, Samsung NX Mini is an interchangeable lens camera that packed in a very small body sized. At the moment, Samsung launched three lenses for NX Mini mount which is 9mm f3.5, 9-27mm f3.5-5.6 ED OIS and also coming soon 17mm F1.8 OIS (45.9mm equivalent) prime. In case you're new to camera, lenses play important role in photo capturing. Difference lenses provide difference perspective and also story telling that you're trying to showcase to people.


Regretfully I did not possess 9-27mm f3.5-5.6 and 17mm f1.8 but I am currently happy with 9mm f3.5 lens. It is one of the smaller pancake lens I ever seen and thanks to the NX Mini size, both combination make this camera easy carry. It wouldn't take much space in ladies bag or even my own jeans pocket. I am very please with the 9mm lenses as it serve me well as wide angle lens for landscape and also close up lens for food shooting. Not so much on street since if I am shooting human I would need to walk very very near for my usual composition. Check out my past post for pics taken with NX Mini (those with NX Mini watermark).








The only complain I have on 9mm f3.5 was lacked of front cap to protect the lens. But I believe I can DIY it for my owned :P Afterall there is something call photography hack.

Meanwhile, the kit lens 9-27mm f3.5-5.6 served difference purposes than the 9mm f3.5. Yes it has 9mm focal length, but it can zoom! Making the lens more versatile than the prime in exchange to have bigger physical size. It would be perfect for selfie lower (9mm! It is wide angle!) and also those who feel like zoom to reach the subject they wanna shot (just in case it can't be reache dby walking). Personally, kit lens is a must to have for people who just started to learn photography. You'll learn how focal length affected your photos.

Personally, I'll pick up 9mm f3.5 and also the coming soon 17mm F1.8 OIS lenses anytime since I am more to prime lens shooter. 17mm F1.8 will be perfect lens to use on low light due to faster aperture,f and of course, it can generate bokeh on wide open! I wouldn't hesitate to use 17mm on event, concert and even street photography as it is a perfect focal length for me! Hopefully I able to get a copy of that lens from Samsung to review :)

Samsung also provided a NX-M adapter for existing Samsung NX user. With that adapter, user can easily mount their existing NX lens on the NX Mini.

Overall, there are alot huge potential on the Samsung NX Mini thanks to the interchangeable lens capability and I hope Samsung will continue keep the lens size small as I believe it is one of the strongest selling point.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Calrsberg Malaysia introduced Somersby Pear Cider


If you're looking for something new, fresh and awesome, then you're at the right post! Last 2 weeks, Carlsberg Malaysia has introduced the Somersby Pear Cider, a brand new flavour to the most famous cider in town!



Made from fermented real pear juice, Somersby Pear Cider is a refreshing and crisp cider free from artificial sweeteners and flavouring. With 4.5% in alcohol content, its natural sweet bubbly flavour is best served with ice to ensure every sip gives you an unexpected punch with an exciting, thirst quenching experience.

* Chelsia Ng & Jeremy Teo as emcee of the night *
* Mr. Henrik Juel Andersen, Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia *

Carlsberg Malaysia has also introduced its magically-themed ‘Somersby Ciderland’ as a consumer engagement platform. "a mysterious land of endless wonders where nothing is what it seems" as the main description, Somersby Ciderland exudes a relaxing atmosphere that is sophisticated yet unpredictable. Somersby Ciderland will be transported across different locations in Malaysia every month to allow cider fans a chance to experience the unexpected. Stay tuned to Somersby’s Facebook page to gain access to Somersby Ciderland by playing a simple game on Somersby’s Facebook page.

* Singing performances *

Somersby Pear Cider is already available in 330ml bottles at selected bars and restaurants, as well as in packs of four at all major hypermarkets and supermarkets nationwide. For more information about Somersby Cider, log onto

* Li Chuen & me *
* With Yee Ing & Ryan *
* Suresh & his friend *
* Ernest bro *
* Group shot *

Thanks Carlsberg for the invite!

Monday, May 19, 2014

La Mexicana, Terrace @ Hock Choon with The Entertainer app


Been really busy for more than a weeks. Alot unfortunate stuff keep storming in my life. Nevertheless, I have something to share with all my readers! Something to do with buy 1 free 1 maybe? :P

* The owner of La Mexicana *

Nevertheless, I was invited to try foods in La Mexicana and in the same time giving my first hands on on practising the buy 1 free 1 thingy. You're curious now aren't you? I am not really into mexican foods so I am abit clueless what to eat. Here are my foods of the day.

* Burritos de Chilorio *
* Sopes de Pollo *
* Enmoladas *
* Crepas *

The foods so far so good! One of the best things was my guest get to enjoy the same foods with the amount of 50% off! So basically it is buy 1 free 1! How? *jeng jeng jeng*


It is via The Entertainer app! You can download it now via Google Playstore. It is free! But of course you need to purchase the package in order to get buy 1 free 1 promo. It is not limited to La Mexicana only, but alot alot places too! Not only on foods, but on hotel also can! OMG buy 1 free 1 night :D :D


The Entertainer App Malaysia One Month Membership is priced at just MYR 49 and brings you unbeatable value with thousands of Buy 1 Get 1 Free dining, leisure, wellness, entertainment and hotel accommodation offers extending soon to across 23 destinations worldwide. Discover new restaurants, soothe your senses at the best spa in town, treat the kids to a fun activity or attraction, holiday more often for less – all with the Entertainer. All of our offers are valid all year round, 7 days a week, with virtually no restrictions as to how and when you use them.

With the Entertainer App, you can:

  • Browse Entertainer Buy 1 Get 1 Free offers from our available destinations.
  • Simply find offers and merchants by location and category.
  • Redeem all your offers straight from your Android phone.
  • View how much you’ve saved with the Entertainer.
  • Share your savings with family and friends via social media.
  • Best of all, the Entertainer App comes pre-loaded with free bonus offers that you can start using right away.

With 3 vouchers per merchant, you can visit their partners more than just once or include your family and friends in the 2 for 1 fun! After your one month membership, you can simply choose to upgrade to the full product for a further MYR 186, allowing you to keep redeeming your offers until 30th December 2014.

To purchase The Entertainer Malaysia One Month Membership for just MYR 49, feel free to visit - - and be sure to enter this unique promo code jloiblog when you purchase.

To sweeten the deal, the Entertainer will be doing a random draw at the end of the month among the readers who bought the one month version of the Entertainer Malaysia app. One winner will win the full version of the app for FREE! GOOD LUCK!

To know more about The Entertainer app, feel free to follow them!

Twitter: @EntertainerAsia
Instagram: the_entertainer241

Monday, May 12, 2014

Signature Cafearo by Yves @ 1 Shamelin Shopping Mall Review

* The chef for Signature Cafearo *

Didn't know there was a new shopping mall opened recently at Taman Shamelin. But if you're staying nearby, you'll locate this hidden gem called Signature Cafearo by Yves. It is a cafe that came with awesome american breakfast and also some fusion asian foods. Not to mentioned mouth watering dessert. If you're curious, the cafe is located right next to Old Town. Check out their Facebook Page for more info.




Unfortunately I wasn't feeling well and need to skip the dessert. It really look goods! Girl like it right? right?

* Vast Ocean Salmon Salad RM 15.90 *

Just-the-right-salad-portion together with huge flower shaped salmon! Mix it together with the sauce are highly recommended and definitely not disappointing. Great started before we move on to main course.

* Smoke Salmon & Spinach Quiche RM 15.90 *

One of the signature dish from Cafearo. I am huge fans of smoked food and I wont deny that I will like this. The combination of spinach and smoked salmon just perfect.

* Soft Shell Crab Mustard Mayo Wrap RM 13.90 *

It doesn't look like soft shell crab at all on first glance! I was hoping it is some awesome pork meat... But nevertheless, unlike japanese Temaki, Cafearo wrapped it with vegetables and topped mayo. It is worth to mentioned that the soft shell crab wasn't fried like the one we had at japanese restaurant.

* Oceanic Secret Night RM 18.90 *

Another salmon fusion dish. While I think it is nothing new in the market, but they did it pretty well and tasty. The only thing I might hate would be the pasta a little too dry.

* Smoked Duck Pesto Fettuccine RM 17.90 *

Smoked duck! Hell yes! You all probably know beside pork, I am huge fans of duck too! The smoked duck was being well made and not too overly salty. Then again, the pesto fettucino pasta was abit too dry. Probably it is only me who prefer my pasta to be oily abit.

* Soft Shell Crab and Ham Cheese Baked Eggs Rice RM 19.90 *

Nothing new on the combination between cheese, egg and rice but topping it with soft shell crab are difference story. This will be my first time trying none fried soft shell crab and I gotta said I don't really appreciated it. Probably because I am pure meat person and not seafood. But based on others comment, it seem this is one of the highly recommended dish for soft shell crab lover. Plus, Signature Cafearo seem very generous in giving the soft shell crab portion. On ah!

* Roasted Mushroom Soup RM 8.90 *

Nothing beat mushroom soup,nothing! Especially the thick one with alot mushroon chunk inside!

Overall a very satisfying lunch and experience dining in Signature Cafearo. I would love to return here someday for their dessert! Rawrrr

Signature Cafearo by Yves,
C-G-03A, 1 Shamelin Shopping Mall,
100, Jalan 4/91, Taman Shamelin Perkasa,
56100 Kuala Lumpur
Open daily: 10 AM - 10 PM
Tel : 03 - 9286 6811