Monday, May 05, 2014

Friday night at Prodigy KL


Yup, another well spent Friday night at Prodigy last week with friends. Mr Fluff was the DJ of the night and whoever attended last Friday, they can stand a chance to win exclusive passes to FLIGHT NIGHT in Genting Highlands!

* Kah Mon & Su Yin *
* It has been time. A photos with Su Yin :) *
* And the night wouldn't be complete with these people *

Brought along for the Samsung NX Mini this time around for some party snapshot and also selfie with friends. Isn't it the small size camera do a better job this time? Easy to carry and won't be a burden since I am already in party and drinking mode. All shot was taken with Samsung NX Mini with build in flash. Ok alot selfie wefie whatever-fie photos spam in this post!

* Kah Mon, Su Yin & Li Chuen *
* With Li Chuen *
* with Ah Pond, Chutipond *
* Three of us *
* Three of us again *

The camera was slow in focus in low light even with AF lamp assist. Not to mentioned the greenish hue on skin tone on low light appears in some of my photos. I remember back to those day when I review Samsung NX 200 (I know my review was not matured during those time! But what my eye see things still the same until today), I mentioned how much I dislike the greenish hue.

* Why am I doing Ryan wink?? *
* Heh love ma bitch *
* I have same expression again. Damnit *

Thanks Su Yin for coming out to party with us. Thanks to Don & Manoah too for the awesome night :)
I shall be start shooting and prepare a series of review for the Samsung NX Mini.

* With Don & Li Chuen *


Ryan Mo said...

woi pakai my trademark pose need to bayar

Anonymous said...

look so fun ah

Jackie Loi said...

@Ryan patent it dulu la

@Shannon heh yea :)