Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Goku Raku Ramen review @ Mid Valley Megamall

Ok this has been a serious delayed post. Apologize! Life still as shitty as usual for me. But hey, thanks God for the good foods around, I am back with hope *queue dramatic song* LOL.. Anyway, went for Goku Raku Ramen review last few weeks and for the first time I am being camera-less. Not bringing any gear with me due to some circumstances and I knew I shouldn't be heading home to grab my gears with the jam condition. Hence, I just went for the review with my one and trustworthy Sony Xperia Z1 as my main shooter.


So yea Goku Raku Ramen. Been knowing about this shop since the existence of Paradigm Mall but I have yet go to try. I am abit choosy when come to ramen eventhough I am not a huge fans of it because I have to make sure it is really worth a visit for me to pay and eat. But I guess my perspective changed after I tried Goku Raku Ramen. It is located at North Court, Mid Valley Megamall.

* Shanghai Fried Ramen RM13.90 *

The first thing came to our table is the Shanghai Fried Ramen. Yea, ramen with fried. It look kinda like hot plate yee mee to me. Personally I found nothing much to shout on this ramen. The plate is full with veggie and the portion of minced meat was too little for my likey. I admit I am a omnomnomnomvour. Oh be sure to toss the noodle around so that you get evenly sauce on it.

* Ebi Gyoza RM10.90 *

Gyoza! My favourite Japanese food! As much as I love how it taste, the prawn is too small in the dumpling.

* GRR Meatballs RM5 (5 pcs) / RM 9 (10 pcs) / RM17 (20 pcs) *

For the first time I was introduces by japanese meatball. It came with sweet and sour sauce. I took a first bite on it and I felt mix feeling on it. The skin itself is crunchy however the meat inside are soft, not compact enough. Too soft for my liking. But I guess it make it easy to chew and suitable to eat for everyone on difference age range, I guess again.

* 5 Star Aburi Char Siew Ramen RM25.90 regular *

Finally the star of the night. A good ramen has been always come with great pork broth soup and also thick and awesome char siu! Beside Ippudo, Goku Raku char siu is one of the best I ever had. The soup is not too salty as well and the flavour are well done. This what made my perspective of Goku Raku Ramen change. I'll be back again for the same ramen!

Lastly, we are served with Chef’s Specialty Course Meal; Set C which cost RM119.90 which come with 13 items:

  • 1. Edamame
  • 2. Aburi Char Siew
  • 3. Chef Recommended Salad
  • 4. Pork Loin Rei Shabu
  • 5. Tori Momo Karaage
  • 6. Crispy Shrimp Mayo
  • 7. Siew Mai
  • 8. Ebi Chili
  • 9. Sweet & Sour Pork
  • 10. Utsonomiya Sui Gyoza
  • 11. Garlic Fried Rice/Mini Ramen
  • 12. Annin Tofu Dessert
  • 13. Sesame Balls






The set are good to go with three to four person and it is totally worth it. The set has little fusion with chinese style but overall, it is very satisfactory.

So it is the end of my review. Thanks for those who read this post and as a token of appreciation for being my readers all this years, I am giving away a discount voucher for GRR Mealballs! Just print this out (not sure is black & white acceptable) and present it before making payment. Remember it is valid till 30th June 2014.



KY said...

definitely one of the better ramen places at Mid Valley :D

Jackie Loi said...

@KY I know right! Quite surprise they did better than my expectation :D