Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A day I am a fireman, explorer, gnome and conqueror


I know I know I didn't update my blog again! Sigh has two important post to update and yet I am still slaking. Nevertheless, had fruitful weekend session with friends. Yup it is none other than another session of board games! Last Friday night Justin invited us to tried his newly bought game, Flash Point: Fire Rescue. It is a game players play as firemen to rescue victim! Yea main priority is to rescue 7 victims. However we could lost the game if the whole building collapse (due to explosion) or 4 victims died in the scene. Does this game give you a feeling of 烈火雄心 drama or 逃出生天 movie? :P Everyone wanna be Louis Koo lol.. ok I be minority I be Sean Lau can adi.


Got a Hazmat Technician on my first game where the main duty is to remove the Hazmat in the map. Yes kinda useless but hey, I contributed! I minority ok? Very quickly once all Hazmat removed from play, I went back into the fire truck and change myself into Fire Captain. There is where I from Sean Lau became Louis Koo. I can give my team mate additional move! Yea basically just sit down in fire truck, chill around with drinks and doughnut maybe, then Instagram with hashtag #YOLO #firewey! #Seemyteammateisawesomeinsavinglife #iamsohandsome #sexy #asianboy while giving order to my team mate LOL


Too bad we lost our first game. Explosion happened and we couldn't make it to save the last victim. Ouch! Very quickly Justin asked our feedback and we love the game. It is quick, easy to learn and could be very luck dependent also for the fire spread stage. A minute later, Justin quickly run to Meeples (we are playing at Flat White cafe) to get another expansion of the game, Extreme Danger! In the same time, Simon got himself A Game of Thrones and Jas got herself a Pandemic. OMG!! All this crazy board gamers!! Ok more games for me free to play!


On next day, we went to Ik house for another session. This time around, Kim was with us and he brought his Betrayal at House on the Hill. A map based board game where a bunch of explorer trap in a house and now looking for an exit. When omen came, one of them will become a betrayal and gonna kill everyone off.



Got myself a Missy Dubourde. Pretty well balance stat explorer. Oh if you're curious the character sheet are two sided. Same face, dif name and dif stats. What's make this game challenging and none repeatable was the betrayal always difference - Appear on dif scenario, different person and difference objective after he revealed.



In the end all of us got killed by the betrayal - Ik with his insect army. Ouch! Damn pain lorrrrrr.. Next, we played Flash Point again with expansion this time. The new expansion map have 3 floors now and make it harder and challenging. Play both game and both also we lost. 4 victims died on first game and building collapse on last game. So sadddd!


We also manage to play Saboteur card game. Sabo each other and win. Kinda straight forward game except it really test my patient to make my move whoever gnome characters I got. Meh I am sucks playing sabo game.


Finally, we play A Game of Thrones as our last game in the night. Got myself House of Martell. Oh I did not watch the series before so I have no idea what's others called, what's their story behind and so on so forth.


As far as I concern I think my Martell character abit sucks ball in battle LOL.. I am being minority again and just stay away from huge battle and build my army and kingdom on east side LOL


In the end, House of Stark (Ik) won with his Iron Man suite and technology. Pretty nice game but that night I am just too tired to think and make decision (we started to play this on 12am all d way until 4am!).


Now I am eye-ing on Mice & Mystics. Very heavy story based co-op game! Too bad only 4 players max. Hopefully can get it on next month :D That's all my weekend story. Managed to play quite alot game on Saturday and have fun with friends.

p/s I think I should bring along my compact camera to have a better photos. Been using phones cam only to shoot and meh.. it is not good enough in low light.